Canucks Stat Paradise: Sedins Rule

"We fucking rule." "Yea I know" - Jeff Gross

I have not dove into Canucks historical stats for a long time. But tonight I have a nice Captain Morgan buzz and some quiet time on my hands. So rather than kill Canucks opponents any further in Be A Pro Mode on NHL 13, I am going to provide some cool Canucks stats for you, the beloved Canucks fans. Ready? Go!

Canucks Library was the shizzle in regards to Canucks historical stats up until 2010 or so. Now I have to rely on Wikipedia. Thanks Wikipedia.

The following historical Canucks stats come from this Wiki page in regards to Canucks records.


  • The only Canuck to ever play 1000 games in a Van uni was....Trevor Linden. A God amongst men.
  • Henrik Sedin is the Canucks' all-time leader in points with 789 points in 930 games. Markus Naslund is second with 756 points in 884 games played. Daniel Sedin is currently tied with Naslund with 756 points in 896 games played. I think he will pass Nazzy against Detroit tonight. The Sedins excel against the Dead Wings. For all the games he played as a Canuck, Linden is 4th on the all-time points list with 733. Ryan Kesler currently has 349 points in 579 games as a Canuck for comparative purposes.
  • Speaking of Daniel, he currently sits in 3rd all time on Canucks goal scoring. He has 280 goals, where Linden has 318 and Naslund has 346. Damn you, NHL Lockout. Little doubt that Dank will take over the top spot over the next 2 years.
  • Player Ctry Pos GP A %
    Henrik Sedin Sweden C 892 578 0.65
    Daniel Sedin Sweden LW 859 439 0.51
    Trevor Linden Canada RW/C 1138 415 0.37
    Stan Smyl Canada RW 896 411 0.46
    Markus Naslund Sweden LW 894 410 0.46
    Thomas Gradin Sweden C 613 353 0.58
    Dennis Kearns Canada D 677 290 0.43
    Andre Boudrias Canada LW 458 267 0.58
    Todd Bertuzzi Canada RW 518 261 0.50
    Brendan Morrison Canada C 543 257 0.47

Sedins own the assist category, bitch.

Not gonna lie: Bure will keep that record for a long damned time, if not forever.

  • Dank has the most regular season OT goals with 10 followed closely by Brendan Morrison with 9. The only other active Canucks player in batting range is Hank with 4.
  • Henrik Sedin is an iron man. He has played in 586 consecutive games. B-Mo at one time was an iron man, playing 534 games without missing any time.
  • In regards to career regular season points by a Canucks defenceman, Kevin Bieksa ranks 10th overall with 192 points in 429 games. The King is Mattias Ohlund with 325 points in 770 games. Raise that man's jersey to the rafters.
  • Roberto Luongo holds the Canucks' records for shutouts and wins. He will never catch Kirk McLean's record for games played (516-388)
  • Cory Schneider, I believe, has the best save percentage and GAA in Canucks' history currently. But that could change over time, obviously.


Hank could catch Linden here.

  • Trevor Linden and Pavel Bure hold the Canucks' record for most playoff goals at 34 apiece. Hank and Dank sit at 5th and 6th with 24 and 23 goals respectively. Burrows is 8th with 17.
  • The original Mr. Everything Trevor Linden holds the Canucks' record with 61 career playoff assists. Hank and Dank are 2nd and 3rd overall with 49 and 41 assists respectively.
  • Hank and Dank will most likely surpass Linden with the career playoffs games-played record as well.
  • No current Canucks player has an NHL playoff hat trick. Only Geoff Courtnall has 2 career assists in the NHL playoffs as a Canuck.
  • Trevor Linden may be the Canucks' King of Game 7's. But can you guess which Canuck has the most career playoff game winning goals? No, you can't. So I am going to tell you. Cliff Ronning with 7. I like this stat because more current Canucks figure into the equation:

Game-Winning Goals

Player Ctry Pos GWG
Cliff Ronning Canada C 7
Geoff Courtnall Canada LW 6
Trevor Linden Canada C/RW 5
Daniel Sedin Sweden LW 5
Henrik Sedin Sweden C 4
Christopher Higgins United States LW 3
Greg Adams Canada LW 3
Pavel Bure Russia RW 3
Kevin Bieksa Canada D 3
Alexandre Burrows Canada LW 3

Atta boy, Higgins!

  • Trevor Linden holds the Canucks' record for most PP playoff goals, but he is closely followed by Dank and Hank, who have 10 and 9 respectively.
  • Linden's 3 shorthanded playoff goals is also a Canucks record. Alexandre Burrows has 1.
  • Greg Adams and Alexandre Burrows share the lead for all time Canucks playoffs overtime goals with 3 apiece. Hank has 2.
  • Alexander Edler is only 1 point behind Mattias Ohlund for Canucks' all-time playoff points scored by a defenceman. The highest-scoring Canucks playoff defenceman of all time? Jyrki Lumme with 40 points. Ohlund had 28 points.
  • In regards to Canucks goaltenders.....Kirk McLean has played in 68 career playoff games to Roberto Luongo's 61. Luongo needs 3 wins to surpass McLean for the playoffs wins record.
  • Cory Schneider has only played in 8 playoff games for the Canucks but is sitting in top spot for goals against average and save percentage. Much like his regular season stats, these numbers will dip a bit, but in a perfect world....NOT!
  • Kirk McLean has 6 career Canucks playoff shutouts to hold the record. Luongo has 5. Time will tell if Lou gets a chance to take that one.

I am just providing some info for you to read. Going over those stats there is one thing that is perfectly clear:

The jerseys of Henrik and Daniel Sedin and Roberto Luongo had better go to the damned rafters. And they will. These are the best Canucks players we have seen in recent memory.

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