Morning Buzz: Canucks almost survive Shark attack

Derek Leung

See that? Titles like that write themselves. If the Canucks had won I could have gone with "Shark fin soup!" or "Canucks dine on Shark". Hmm, either way you shake it, we're all losers in the title department.

Morning, everyone. Last night's game is the most frustrating kind to watch. Canucks go down two goals, claw their way back and they lose in a fucking shootout. So frustrating. Anyways, we've got some Canucks stuff, some other stuff from the other assholes around the league, so lets get at it!

Canucks News:

>> David Ebner leads things off today. I've never linked to him before, in fact, I don't think I've ever linked a Globe and Mail piece before. So maybe I'll work on a nickname for him later on, but for now, he has a great piece on the rise of Chris Tanev.

>> Jason Botchford hates the smell of Ohio. I haven't fact checked that, but I'll go out on a limb and just assume so. One thing I do know is that Botch has some good shap on Keith Ballard's Raw Deal.

>> Do you tire of the typical post game quotes that sound like an old answering machine recording? Yeah, me too. So you should probably go over to the Legion of Blog and check out J Bowman's post game quotes he wishes were real.

>> The Canucks Hat Trick is batting cleanup today, so there's that. Two baseball terms in one Morning Buzz. I think I'm two analogies over my quota.

>> Are the Canucks working on getting 2011 first round draft pick Niklas Jensen to the Wolves? Yes. Why would I ask that question unless the answer was yes?

>> Dimitri Filipovic from Canucks Army has a review from last nights game, plus the chance data.

>> A couple of hits from the Pass it to Bulis fella's. This one made me laugh a lot on the bus. It's 20 of the worst jersey fouls in Canucks history. If you think the Canucks have had some fuck ugly color schemes, you should see what people did to some of these things. Plus, they watched last nights game against those bastard San Jose Sharks.

That's all from the Canucks this morning, apparently. Check back throughout the day. Lets see what those other fuckers are up to.

The Other Guys:

>> Marc Staal took a puck right to the eye last night in a game against the Philadelphia Flyers. Here's the video. It's pretty fucking bad. But it raises the question: Why do people who won't wear visors but will wear extra hardware on their feet to reduce the chance of injury while taking a slash or blocking a shot. Yeah, I know, seems crazy. Anyways, Bill Daly wants mandatory visors in the NHL.

>> Wanna see a pretty neat goal? Watch Eric Fehr look like a fuckin' boss on this OT winner against the Boston Bruins.

>> Chris Pronger sits down for a two-part interview with Sportsnets Dan Murphy. Part one will air tonight and part two tomorrow. In it, Pronger talks about his future and recovery from post-concussion syndrome.

That's all from me this morning. Take it easy everyone. If you play hockey, wear a fucking visor.

Thanks for reading!

- Mitch

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