Morning Buzz: Make way! The Saviour is coming!

Russell LaBounty-USA TODAY Sports

Make way! Move the women and children aside, Steve Pinizzotto, the Savior of the Canucks 2013 season is here or will be soon.

Morning, everyone. How's it going today? Don't answer that, but put your hand up is February and the early part of March has been the worst of your fucking life. *raises hand* Oh, just me? Alright, well anyways, there' some Canucks stuff to talk about, some other stuff around the league and not much else! Lets get at it!

Canucks News:

>> Ed Willes from the Province will not answer my calls. Last fucking time I lend you my copy of Metroid for Nintendo, pal. But he at least makes up for it with this article this morning on who the blame should fall on when it comes to the Canucks struggles.

>> Ben Kuzma, also terrible at returning my vintage NES games thinks that it's time to redress the shootout. If you're looking for a cigarette and blindfold reference, it's there too.

>> The Godfather of Shap, Tony Gallagher with a great piece from yesterday (that I would have put up had I not been busy with work) talks about how it is perfectly OK to beat the fuck out of Alex Burrows in front of the net and not get a penalty.And yes, fuck can be beaten out of you.

>> Jeff Angus one convinced me to purchase a Toyota Tuscon. No he didn't, but he delivers the sauce for Canucks Army and today he talks about the Canucks finding a center.

>> And finally, these things are fantastic. If you haven't checked out a Legion of Blog podcast you're worse than Hitler. Well, not worse, but you're that guy who farts in a room and walks out. But here it is, episode 16 of the Legion of Blogcast.

That's all for the Canucks today, I'm sure we'll have more stuff later, or not, who knows. Lets see what the other assholes are up to today, shall we?

The Other Guys:

>> It's official, the NHL will realign the current format for teams. I would write more about it, but I could just link to it. Hey! What an idea.

>> The Toronto Maple Leafs, even while winning are hilarious. Jean-Michael Liles is back in the lineup after being a healthy scratch. Still no Jake Gardiner though.

>> Jimmy Howard will probably play until he's 47, or at least that's how most things go with the Detroit Red Wings. Either way, Howard is close to a contract extension.

>> Tampa Bay Lightning captain Vincent Lecavalier is out indefinitely with a leg injury. Rumor has it he was running to the rink barefooted and stubbed his toe, pealing back the skin on his big toe. You've done it and you just shuddered a little at the thought. God knows I did.

>> Remember Tuomo Ruutu? Remember how the Carolina Hurricanes forward was supposed to be out all season? Well he could be, but for now he's back skating with teammates. Yay!

You know, I think I'm going to end it there today. Thanks for reading! Enjoy your days, hope you get back your cherished NES games from Canucks beat writers.

- Mitch

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