The Complete Rebuild Hypothesis

Go five hole dude, he's daring ya. - Russell LaBounty-USA TODAY Sports

***Disclaimer*** I'm not suggesting this is the right course of action but, with the Canucks mired in a slump and no one getting younger I think this is an interesting exercise. Many people have been saying the door is closing for this team. Let's pretend it's slammed shut and we are forced into a complete rebuild. What do you do?

  • Who is untouchable? (Max 3 roster players & 3 prospects)
  • Who is Trade Bait? (No maximum but provide expected returns)
  • Who do you ditch for picks/salary space?
  • Any other roster moves/negotiations?
  • Compliance buyout? Who? Why?
  • Who do you target (UFA RFA etc. Go wild because it's imaginary)
  • What sort of player do we aim at in the draft? (Give yourself a top 10 pick)
  • Coaching- Keep AV or fire and hire?
  • capgeek link for ease of use

I'll provide my half thought out answers below.

Untouchable - Jannik Hansen, Dan Hamhuis, Chris Tanev. Prospects- Eddie Lack, Gaunche, Schroeder

Trade Bait

  • Kesler - Somewhat injury prone. Expected return Strong 1st round pick, Blue Chip Prospect, 3rd liner
  • Luongo We all know it's happening. Expected return 2nd liner and a mid grade prospect
  • Burrows- Sell highish on Burr I LOVE him but he's not a kid anymore and should command a decent return. Low 1st rounder or Steady roster player and a prospect
  • Alex Edler- Call me crazy but I think he's good for a high pick and a dependable 2nd tier player OR a star in the making Jeff Skinner type. I wanted to put him on the untouchables but ran out of room so if the right offer comes knocking I'll look at it.

Salary dump/trade for picks

  • Booth-3rd rounder (I'd also take a prospect)
  • Ballard-3rd rounder (He might be worth a real trade who knows)

Other moves

  • Sit down with the Sedins see if they will re-sign with the team if we are going to rebuild. If yes ask for a discount to allow for spending on other talent. If they don't want to stay I'll play the villan and ship them out for a king's ransom.
  • Sign Higgins to a 3 year deal with a cap friendly hit similar to now.
  • Pay Tanev to stick around. At least a 5 year contract.
  • Take a long look at Pinizotto. I like what I saw of him a while ago. If he's the player he was before being hurt I want to keep him as a role player.

Compliance buyout

No. We can trade for a 7th pick if needs but I don't feel like we need to get a buyout.


This is where it can get silly especially as we don't know what exactly is coming back in trade, what the cap is etc.

Bobby Ryan- The perennial victim of trade rumors he is nearly at a point per game pace and at 26 (in a week) he is not a bad age to start a rebuild around. WHy is Anaheim giving him up? Because the cap is coming down and Getzlaf just got paaaaaaaaid and Perry will need resigning.

An elite puck moving defenseman. I don't exactly know who but they are one of the most valuable players on a team who can dictate the pace of play for an entire game. Justin Schultz would have been nice but I think that ship has sailed. Petriangelo or Shattenkirk from STL? They will have the Weber Suter conundrum soon enough.

A Forward to play on the top line. I have a dirty thing for Blake Wheeler. Odds on he is resigned by Winnipeg but again at 26 and seemingly coming into his own I'd give him a look. Nathan Horton is also an option but injury history worries me. This is predicated on the assumption that the Sedins stick around and continue to be productive 2nd line players

Magnus Paajarvi He might not have lit the world on fire but he's 21 and clearly talented, the Oilers have a wealth of forwards, he's not even on the team currently. I think he'd be a worthwhile gamble.


The Canucks drafting has improved despite a lack of highend picks since the mid part of last decade (2007 Draft anyone?) At the draft I'm torn as to what to do with my top 10 pick. Do I get a promising forward who could play with the Sedins to start his career perhaps a playmaking centre? Or do I try and draft and develop that elite offensive defenseman that I covet? Honestly I don't know. I know I currently don't need a goalie.

Keep AV?

Yeah. He's one of the best coaches around and with a rebuild the whole "same coach same message is tuned out" argument goes out the window. I don't think we're improving on him anytime soon.

So. What would everyone else do if forced into a teardown rebuild?

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