Morning Buzz: Tanev has one more NHL goal than me as the Canucks beat the Oilers

Rich Lam

Chris Tanev scored his first NHL goal last night in a come from behind win against the Edmonton Oilers. I saw an arm break last night, it was disgusting. That and other NHL news!

Morning, everyone. It only took 63 games, but Chris Tanev finally has one more NHL goal than me. Great set up from the Twins and a helluva shot right in from the slot. Of course there's other NHL news to be had, so lets get at it.

Canucks News:

As I mentioned, Chris Tanev scored his first ever NHL goal, putting him above me, you and everyone else still stuck at zero. Ben Kuzma, the guy who takes his beer home with him after a party has this story.

>> Wyatt Arndt, who doesn't take beer home from a party, but rather his Pepsi, has the Rock Review.

>> In case you missed it - Roberto Luongo, the best "backup" goalie in the NHL, was named the league's third star for this week.

>> Steve Ewen still doesn't have an appropriate, or inappropriate nickname yet, but at least he has a piece of Ryan Kesler skating with team mates for the first time this year.

>> Finally, the agent of Cory Schneider wants a resolution to the Canucks current goalie situation. I want a resolution to the idea of him maybe just sitting still and shutting the fuck up. Wish in one hand, shit in the other, yeah?

I'm not trying to mail it in here, but seriously, this is all I can find on the blogs I scour. No joke. Lets see what those other assholes around the league are talking about this morning.

The Other Guys:

>> Edmonton Oilers captain Shawn Horcoff is out "long term" with a broken knuckle. I can't help but feel that some fans are ok with this.

>> Apparently the Leafs have been really bad at home this season. #K. No shit.

>> The Minnesota Wild are taking shit seriously with a players only meeting after another road loss.

>> It looks like Erik Gudbranson is ready to go. The Florida Panthers have recalled him from the minors.

>> Roman Hamrlik, who was very out spoken during the lockout, now he wonders why he's the odd man out on the Washington Capitals blue line. No coincidence. I'm sure.

That's it today, folks. Take care, have a good day and maybe try buttering the tile floor of a loved one. Thanks for reading.

- Mitch

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