Wet and Ready (Goin' in the Pool)


'Sa funny thing, you know? Like starting off a week where you see your opponent's goaltender get hammered for seven goals on Day One and think "Off to a great start!" And on Day Two the same team that savaged your opponent gets you for six.

Ended up that Booth's Kills and mine were neck-and-neck for a bunch of the week, even with me being clever enough to drop Steve Mason in time for him to have a one-goal performance against Chicago (yeah, I've had better timing...) and we ended up splitting the goaltending stats.

The Beast That Was Matt Moulson got me through on the offensive side, though, even if Tom Gilbert proved to be as useless as teats on a bull. I also dropped the massively disappointing Travis Zajac and the perpetually injured Brent Burns and acquired Nashville's leading scorer! You know, that guy! Who leads the team in offense? No worries, I'll give you a minute... Next, I've really got to look around for someone who can help me out on the plus/minus: getting beat there pretty regularly.

In Division One, third place Raffi Torres gained ground on AmeriCAN Win It All despite Ilya Bryzgalov having both a shutout and an awful week; while Zanstorm kept Respect My Edler in the basement, though some luck was involved with Corey Crawford returning in time to get a shutout and Ovechkin remembering he can score;

Division Two saw Rip You Face Off turn an eleven (11!) point week from Jakub Voracek into a 10-3 win against The Douchebags, aptly named for having a couple Red Wings do their offensive lifting (not that I'm bitter or anything); and Jew Crew had the offensive guns to overcome a shaky Ryan Miller to beat Beantown Canuck 7-4.

Corey Schneider and Roberto Luongo faced each other in Division Three, and most of us here who weren't blacked out by 2PM yesterday can imagine who won that confrontation: Amazing Schneiderman closed some of the distance between them and second place BW by beating them 7-5. ?vistlove lost ground thanks to marcness52 (and four tied categories) winning the week 6-3.

And finally in the Cool People Only Division, things got tighter than ever (not referring to the aforementioned blackout) as second place HankYouVeryMuch dragged down LaFayette's_Post94 (why do I hate the Rangers again? Oh, yeah!) by a 7-3 score despite the built-in awesomeness of Halak and Anderson; and Quicker Pickers rode the offense to a 7-4 win over Booth's Kills.

So I confessed my Great Zajac Disillusionment: Who have you dropped that just tanked it for you, and did you regret it?

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