Respect The Jagr - Canucks vs Stars Gamethread

This man is a beast. - Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Canucks host the Stars, and some respect must be given to Jaromir Jagr.

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Rival territory: Defending Big D

As the Stars come to town tonight, there's a multitude of stories to discuss. On the Canucks end, we have Manny Malhotra going on IR, while Ryan Kesler returns tonight. We found out for certain today that Cory Schneider gets the start tonight. On the ex-Canucks front, Sean has already expressed his continued infatuation for Aaron Rome. For me tonight, my focus is on another current Stars player, one who has been one of the best players ever seen in the league. That man is Jaromir Jagr.

Being a youngling, I never got to see Jagr in his prime. He was drafted by the Penguins in 1990, literally 15 days after my birth, and won the Cup with them both the next 2 years. Within my lifetime, he has also won a Hart Trophy (plus 5 other nominations), 5 Art Ross Trophies, 3 Lester B. Pearson Awards, and Olympic gold and bronze. He went back to the KHL in 2008 for a few years, just as I was becoming a die-hard Canucks fan, so I didn't get to see any of his glory days.

Last year, however, he made his return to the NHL, and now he is playing for the Dallas Stars. Just earlier this week, he past Luc Robitaille for 10th on the NHL's all-time goal-scoring list. Jaromir is now sitting at 669 NHL career goals. And right now, I have mad respect for him. In fact, I'm hoping he can move a couple more spots up the list by the time he retires. Mario Lemieux is the next one to pass, holding 9th place with 690 goals. Just beyond him are Steve Yzerman in 8th with 692, and then Mark Messier in 7th with 694. What I'd like to see this season is Jagr getting to 695, passing all those guys. Sure, it might mean another 26 goals in only 35 games, but there's always hope. Pulling that off would probably grab him another trophy or two as well.

Back to the very present, Jaromir Jagr and his Dallas teammates are visiting the Canucks tonight. The Stars had a very rough time on Wednesday, getting slaughtered 7-4 by Calgary. That's just awful. They'll be looking to bounce back from that. As much as I want another great game for the Canucks, I find myself okay with giving that up for a few Jagr goals. Only Jagr, though, not the other Stars players.

Game on. Coconuts go!

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