Morning Buzz: One day away from real hockey

Rich Lam

How's the shap, friends? Day away from puck drop and it's fuckin' fantastic. Mason Raymond wins the scrimmage...literally.

Good morning, everyone, how's this cold as fuck day treating you? My face is still frozen, but it could be worse. We've got lots of stuff to go over today, so grab your coin purse and lets get at it!


>> Ben "What are you doing in my apartment?!" Kuzma wonders if Mike Gillis waited to long to trade Roberto Luongo.

>> Jason "black belt in keeping it real and a degree in shap" Botchford talks about Mason Raymond lighting up the scrimmage and Garrison's fit with the Twins.

>> Cam Charron can do the splits like a mother fucker. Not really, but he has a couple pieces from the Legion of Blog today. He talks about the "Luongo Rule" not effecting his trade value and a couple of bold statements for this season and seasons to come.

>> According to Jim "8 Jager bombs is my limit" Jamieson, the Canucks are likely to go with both Schneider and Luongo this weekend.

>> The only reporter ever, Iain MacIntyre says that the Maple Leafs and the Canucks are not likely to make a deal anymore.

>> Pass it to Bulis has some notes on the Canucks scrimmage last night.

>> Patrick Johnston from Canucks Army once slashed me in a beer league hockey game, but today he talks about Jordan Schroeder and why he should make the team as the second line center.

That's all from the Canucks so far this morning. Lets see what those other assholes are up to.

The Other Guys:

>> The Florida Panthers have named Ed Jovonovski their new captain. Remember when he played in Vancouver and then left for Phoenix at 9:01 am on July 1st? Jesus Christ, way to take a giant shit on all of us!

>> Two rookies have cracked the opening night lineup for the Montreal Canadiens. Things can't get much worse than last year, right?

>> The Los Angeles Kings have made some front office moves, re-signing the group responsible for winning the Stanley Cup.

>> Patrick Eaves has been cleared to play after missing a shit-ton of time with concussion related issues. Darren Helm is still hurt. Good with the bad, right?

>> Alex Kovalev has retired...wait, he signed with Florida? Ah fuck, I thought that he retired and went to Florida. Shit.

>> PK Subban and Ryan O'Reilly's contract negotiations are going nowhere, really fuckin fast.

>> One more thing from the "what an asshole" mailbag - Alex Ovechkin is going to play in the 2014 Olympics, even if the NHL doesn't let it's players go over. Caps owner Ted Leonsis says he'll let Ovi go over and play. Yeah, cause that won't cause any fucking problems.

That's it from me today, everyone. Lets all just keep cracking to Alex Ovechkin and let him do whatever he wants. That should take care of that sense of entitlement he has. Have a good day! Thanks for reading.

- Mitc

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