2012 NHL Lockout

Game On!


(Update (7:40 pm): Finally, it has been announced that the players have signed the Memo Of Understanding. This means that teams can start signing and trading starting at 9:00 pm PST tonight. Woo!...

NHL CBA Update: January 1, 2013


Cooler heads are prevailing now as both sides are maintaining dialogue. They are agreeing on some things, but still have a lot of work to do. The NHLPA with review the newest proposal tonight and...

Lockout: What Are You Doing With Your Free Time?


CBC Wants To Know, Canada: What Are You Doing With Your Free Time Because Of The Lockout?

NHL CBA Update: Dec.12, 2012


FINAL UPDATE FOR THE DAY Nadda. Zip. Zilch. Sweet f*ck all. Mediators didn't help once again. Surprise! No progress. Nothing new to report. No further meetings scheduled. I'm with TSN's Mike...

NHL CBA Update: Dec. 10: Cancelled Games And More


The NHL announced today that all games through December 30 have been cancelled. That means the death toll on games lost will be 526 regular season games, or, about 43% of the season. The pressure...

NHL CBA Update: December 9: What's Being Said


There are a lot of quotes to give you after optimism turned to frustration during negotiations last week. From Bill Daly on Friday: "I have no reason, nor any intention, of reaching out to the...

NHL CBA Update: December 5: What's Being Said


A lot of positivity came out of the players-owners meeting last night. That was indicative of how long they stayed in the same room without the sound of machine gun fire being heard. Today, the two...

CBA Update: November 23, 2012: What's Being Said


First off, the NHL has cancelled games through December 14th and the All Star Game (to be held in Columbus) as well. With minimal progress made after the NHLPA submitted their big proposal earlier...

CBA Update: November 21: NHLPA's Proposal


Lots of juice in the proposal. UPDATE: REJECTED Here's the memo and proposal anyway. The NHLPA's Negotiating Committee today provided the NHL Owners with a comprehensive 6 page proposal on the...


CBA Update: November 19


The NHL and NHLPA met tonight in New York (at the NHLPA's request) and what came out of it? The NHL wants the union to put together all of its proposals into one complete written offer. "It's...

Are you excited for hockey yet? Yeah,me neither...


As the hopeful eyes of a grateful pensive hockey nation turn to New York, our hopes rest on a couple folks who should inspire positive aspects AND fear and loathing...

At a Certain Point....


A fan's view of the current labour impasse in the NHL, with an emphasis on humour, impatience, and, yes, love for the game of hockey

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