Top 20 Vancouver Canucks Goals Of The 2011-12 Regular Season

You know these two are gonna crack the top 20...A LOT!

It was a time-consuming task to go through every Canucks goal scored this past season. But it was also an enjoyable experience, as I could celebrate the good times after such a tragic ending. I've narrowed the goals down to a list of 22 (yea I lied in the title), in order of personal preference. Most of it is style points. Some of them are just hard work and determination. Well, see for yourself after the jump! Enjoy!

22. Daniel Sedin scores a PP goal on a great passing play:

21. Sweet pass from Beaker to Higgins to put Canucks up 6-4 vs the Cap:

20. The Sedins and Hamhuis make some sweet music here:

19. Another 3-way passing play with Daniel finishing it:

18. David Booth channels his inner Glenn Anderson, drives to the net and slams it home:

17. What a sneaky pass to by Pahlsson to Higgins, and Higgins goes roof-daddy:

16. Burrows bags it..but look at the puck movement and the work by Captain Hank:

15. What a pass and what a shot by Daniel Sedin:

14. MayRay pulls off a sweet wraparound against the Ducks:

13. Higgins scores a sweet breakaway goal against the Flames:

12. Jannik Hansen turns Phaneuf into a pylon! Which isn't hard to do!

11. Beastmode reactivated! Then disappeared!

10. Salo...with authority:

9. I believe this was Sammy Pahlsson's first goal as a Canuck...and what a setup:

8. Give and go gold as Beaker finishes it off :

7. Manny makes a diving play to put the Canucks 2 up on the Leafs:

6. How awesome is this forechecking by Maxim Lapierre? Wow!

5. Bieksa can do it all...sometimes in the span of seconds:

4. Wow. I sure hope we see more of this from David Booth next season:

3. Tic-tac-toe Sedinerie! (8.5/10)

2. I know this is an ultimate fail by Columbus overall, but who cares? Alex Edler pulls a Bobby Orr and we all loved it!

1. Cody Hodgson puts the Canucks up 4-2 on Boston with a perfect slap shot. FACK YOU, BAHSTAN! The eventual game winner in the game of the year for the Canucks, so yeah, this one is tops.


Special shootout goal mentions:

Mason Raymond scores the SO winner using the spinaroonie vs Tampa:

"Can he break the streak of the Red Wings?" Yes, he can!

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