You just can't make this stuff up!  Vigneault-Kesler-Gillis-Luongo

Man, do any of these fans remember Dan Cloutier. (via

Once again, this is rumor control, here are the facts:

Fact: Mike Gillis appears on local and national radio shows talking about the possibility of giving Alain Vigneault a contract extension as well as trading Roberto Luongo. He states that there has been no request made to Roberto to waive his no trade clause, and that there is a possibility that both goaltenders stay in Vancouver next season.

My interpretation was that Mike Gillis will not make rash decisions and will address each situation with rational thought and in a proper order.

Fact: One week later Alain Vigneault is given a two year extension to his contract .

My interpretation was that Gillis and Vigneault have found each other on the same page and that they would be working together to bring the cup to Vancouver. Increased optimism all around.

Less then 24 hours later the S#!& hits the fan:

Fact: AV has a conference call with reporters where he lays one hell of a quote regarding Ryan Kesler:

"Obviously Ryan had a shoulder issue and the decision was made at the end of the season to operate on that shoulder but, that being said, that was not, in our mind anyway, the reason for his diminished production,"

This created a bit of a social media firestorm where this quote was interpreted to mean that AV believed that only Kesler was to blame for his lack of scoring, and was calling out his player in a very unprofessional manner.

My interpretation is that AV was defending his medical staff. OR AV was having too many celebratory wobbly pops. It makes absolutely no sense for a coach to disrespect a player who is coming off of surgery and will not be playing until snow hits Vancouver streets in December. Then this.....

Fact: Vigneault was asked on French Station TVA if he agreed that Roberto Luongo needed a fresh start. "First of all, that is what he wants right now," Vigneault said in the translated quote. "What we need to do is what's best for our organization and our team. We have to look at what's best for our organization and Roberto."

This was then reported by all major media that Luongo has asked for a trade.

My Interpretation is that AV has in fact been celebrating his contract waaaayyy to hard and that Gillis should make this the shortest extension in NHL history. That AV and MG are not on the same page and that Luongo's trade value was taken down a few pegs as he is perceived as a goalie that MUST be moved. That is until I looked at the question again. Was the question received by AV as "Are you going to give Luongo a fresh start in Vancouver?" OR is it "Do you believe that Luongo needs a fresh start out of Vancouver?" Once again it would be insane for a coach to throw your player under the bus like that unless it is certain that he is gone. As many have stated it will be very hard to find a taker for Luongo who will pass assets back to Vancouver and even harder to find one that Luongo will agree to.

Can you believe that this all started with David Booth killing a bear on You Tube?

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