2012 NM Players Competition Sign-Up Sheet

The regular season is over, the teams are decided on, and the players have earned all their points. Now it is time to prepare for the 2012 Nucks Misconduct Playoff Fantasy Competitions!

(This thread is solely for the players competition. If you're looking for the brackets, go here.)

Now, I did ask you all if we should add the twist of having goaltenders in this year's competition. Well, the poll turned out to be too close to tell, which is why I will stick with last year's format. As it turns out, my suggested format for the goalies wasn't really put together well enough. You all gave good suggestions though, and maybe I'll have a more solidified format to suggest for next year.

Anyways, here is how the competition works. You will select 14 players from the 16 playoff teams. There are a couple rules:

  • Out of your 14 players, you must have at least 3 defensive players.
  • You are only allowed a maximum of 2 players from the same team.
  • Your 14 players must combine for a total of exactly or below 800 regular season points. If a player was traded mid-season, their point total includes all teams they earned points with.
  • As soon as the puck drops on the first playoff game, no more changes are allowed.

Once the playoffs start, if I find that your picks break a rule, I will disqualify you. This has happened a few times over the last couple years, and I don't like doing it.

If you wish to participate, please put your picks in the comments section on this post. Here is the method I would appreciate reading most:

1. Player's name (Player's team) - # of regular season points



14. Player's name (Player's team) - # of regular season points

Total points: #

A couple examples: Alex Ovechkin (Capitals) - 65; Samuel Pahlsson (Canucks) - 17 [note that this includes 12 points with the Canucks, and 5 with Columbus]; Zdeno Chara (Bruins) - 52 D [note that the D denotes a defensive player]

During the playoffs, each goal and assist earned by one of your players will get you a point.

Starting now, you have until the scheduled start time of the first playoff game to post your picks in the comments. Be sure to check back afterwards, since people around here are very good at pointing out any rule-breaking. (Last year, someone posted their picks, but never came back to see that one player was traded midseason, and that they were actually above 800. I ended up having to disqualify them.)

I will post leaderboards following each round of the playoffs. Good luck.

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