An apology to Luongo from an appreciative fan

Platoon_lou_mediumEverywhere in the forums, the media, and the guy who serves me curry at the food court is telling me how Luongo had played his last game as a Canuck and we will be going forward with Schneider in the coming season. I am told by the media and by Schneider supporters how this is a good thing and that Schneider is cheaper and younger and will become an elite goaltender next season. So we should bid adieu to Luongo, who has graciously step aside already, for the new shining young goaltender who will bring us to the promised land of being Stanley Cup Champions.

So let me get this straight. Luongo who gave six best years of his life to this franchise and helped give us two President trophy seasons and five playoff appearances in those six years is now shown the door because we have a new darling in net? Luongo showed the Canucks franchise loyalty when his contract was up by signing a cap friendly and long contract so that we no longer need to worry about any goaltending problems in the years to come. Luongo detractors would instead flip his long contract around to say it is more a chain around their fantasy dream team than what really is a cap friendly contract in the hope to build a Stanley Cup contender. When it is the fans turn to show Luongo loyalty, we quickly kick him to the curb and

rally behind the new and young Schneider. I have nothing against Schneider as I believe him to be a great and perhaps elite goaltender in the NHL. Yet I cannot help but feel something is wrong in my guts in how my fellow fans are treating an individual who had done so much for Vancouver.

I always thought that Luongo would retire as a Canuck and we as fans would feel appreciative of him for giving us the best years in his life. All athletes have a certain window, and perhaps Luongo’s time is ending, but is this really how we should treat someone who had shown so much passion and loyalty to the club? It just seems so cold, and so corporate. Fans may say to me, "Hey it’s nothing personal, its business." But damn it, it doesn’t feel right. It feels like there’s an older employee who has been loyal to the company who may not have been perfect all the time, but has consistently been good is being let go because there is a new young rising star coming to take his spot.

"Hey it’s nothing personal, it’s business." It’s true, hockey is just business and hockey players are just pieces used and changed so that the team can have the best chance to win. It’s a business to assemble the best lines possible to create the best possible product for the fans. It’s not as if hockey players aren’t well compensated so there is no need for sympathy or empathy toward Luongo. It is after all nothing personal, it is just business. A quote from an older movie kept repeating in my mind when I read about the rhetoric for Luongo’s dismissal.

"It was business. What is that supposed to mean? I am so sick of that. All it means is it's not personal to you, but it's personal to me, it's personal to a lot of people. What's wrong with personal anyway?"

It feels personal to me when fans can show so little loyalty to someone who had shown so much loyalty for a team we all cheer for and even has the class to step aside for a young goaltender. I just feel ashamed of the part of the Canucks fanbase that can so easily forget all the times Luongo bailed this team out and is now so eager to send him off.

I remember when we shipped Linden off and how angry and upset I was when I heard of that news. I remember how I stopped watching the Canucks until Linden was traded back as I felt he was the heart and soul of the Canucks. Luongo should be spoken of in the same line as Linden. Both were once Captains and both brought this team to Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals, and now just like Linden a season or so after a magical cup run, this team is ready to ship him away. But this time there’s no being upset or anger toward the prospect of Luongo leaving.

I am just so sorry Luongo that so many of my fellow fans are so ready to ship you off.

I am so sorry how the media has treated you with so much unnecessary pressure and garbage in order to sell more garbage newspaper articles.

I am so sorry that you are treated with all this is just business and that it is nothing personal.

I am just so sorry to see you go.

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