Goalie Graveyard

The game of musical chairs has ended. The music has stopped, and Roberto Luongo is left without a chair looking at Cory Schneider sitting in what used to be his, the prickly throne that is the number one goaltender position of the Vancouver Canucks. The cold hard reality that hasn't dawned on most yet, is that the music will never play again. This game is over. The greatest Vancouver Canuck goaltender of all time has played his last game in our Blue and Green.

I really never thought that it would come to this. I never truly believed Vancouver would allow it to go this far, but looking back I shouldn't be surprised. Asking fanatics for patience and understanding is like politely asking your dog not to eat the pile of milk bones in his dish; you look even stupider than the dog stuffing himself.

Why is Luongo gone?

After the team lost game two, the Canucks desperately needed a win in game three. Management has a job as always to put the lineup on the ice they feel has the best chance to win us that game. After two games where Luongo looked like Roberto Luongo, the Canucks management decided their best shot was with Cory Schneider.

That's fine. But if management believes that, how can they possibly pick Luongo over Schneider this off season?

They won't.

Luongo and his team friendly contract will be traded to an out of conference team this summer. An astute GM will likely pay pennies on the dollar for a future HOF goaltender in the prime of his career. Good for them.

The Canucks will go forward without its most successful goaltender of its 41 year history. It will likely break camp without its most successful coach of all time as well. Mike Gillis will finally be on the hook for making decisions that effect the core of this team. Finally. The Sedins and Kesler will start the declines of their career, and the Canucks will be in a position of trying to change quickly, while remaining the same, a feat that is as hard to accomplish as it sounds.

Luongo leaving is what many fans have wanted ever since we lost to Chicago the first time in 2009. Your scapegoat is gone, and we will be left with the tandem of Cory Schneider and Eddie Lack. Schneider is likely doomed to fail in Vancouver, however, as his career .928 SV% will be impossible to maintain and if he ever has the nerve to play a bad game in the playoffs, he should just book his own plane ticket out of town and save us the agony of watching him play Vezina calibre goaltending consistently, year after year.

I am bitter, and I am upset that it has come to this. Yes we still have a shot this year and I haven't ruled that out, but if things end on Wednesday, or next Sunday, the Roberto Luongo era should end as well. We have made our beds, and we certainly owe it to him.

Yes, I am disappointed. Yes, I am mad. But the pile of milk bones has been eaten, and there's nothing left to do but to rub the dogs belly while it painfully realizes it might have made a poor decision while it waits for the next pile of milk bones.

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