A True Western Power - The Impact of a Superstar

As everyone at NM knows, the Nashville Predators are a formidable opponent. They are known across the league as a well coached team that plays well in its own end, gets great goaltending, and... well, let's say gets some timely offense.

The Predators lack of firepower makes them the number three team in the Central, and just a secondary power in the Western Conference. But what if that were to change? What if they were about to add the best right winger in the world for the playoffs?

Well they just might.

Enter Alexander Radulov.

Now before you flip your screens off in disgust, dig a little bit deeper.

Radulov's last season in the NHL was in '07/'08, his age 21 season, in which he posted a 26/32/58 campaign with 183 SOG and a very good shooting percentage of 14.2%. Before we start yelling about regression in respect to the sh%, it must be noted that the year previous he had an 18.8 sh% in 64 GP, with a lack of top PP time in both seasons.

Alexander then bolted to the KHL and we haven't really seen from him since (Other than in some international tournaments). In Russia, Radulov developed into the best player in the league putting up point totals that are nothing short of outstanding. His best year was the '10/'11 season, during which he put up a 20/60/80 campaign in 54 games.

What could Radulov do with top minutes in the NHL? A better question is what couldn't he do.

Our first task would be to project what type of SOG numbers he could put up if given first line NHL minutes. And our second task is projecting a likely shooting percentage. So let's use our data that we have from his early NHL days, and what from the 257 games he played in the KHL which were:


KHL 257 102 197 3.2 12.6% 18:46

Combining this data with the NHL data, we have over 400 GP of professional hockey to project his numbers going forward, which is absolutely awesome!

If we projected (Over 80 GP) 240 SOG, with a 12% Shooting percentage Alexander Radulov would have a 29/50/79 season. (Using his career A/G ratio of 1.6986)

Quite the season.

If you were to use his professional sh% (Combined KHL and NHL numbers) of 13.38% and still use 240 SOG, we would get a 32/55/87 season.

Go ahead and project your own totals from this data. The point is that if Nashville does add Radulov to their roster for the playoffs, they're adding a legitimate star to their team and become a true Western power.

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