Morning Buzz: Jannick Hansen Heads Overseas, The Fake Season Rolls On

Harry How

Finally I have come BACK to the Morning Buzz! Sorry for the lack of posts, been sick as a dog lately and it's been fucking awful.

Good morning, everyone, I'm back at it again, feeling a little more like myself. Little bit of Canucks news, little bit of NHL news and probably a lot of inappropriate language. That's how it goes down here. Lets get at it!

Canucks News:

>> Ben "Don't call me Neb" Kuzma talks about Jannick Hansen and his plan to head to the Finnish Elite League.

>> Wyatt "I always spell his last name Arndy before I realize what I've done" Arndt has a special Halloween edition of the Fake Season.

>> Cory Schneider, the only man who dyes his hair red talks about lockout poker and how the NHL is playing the Winter Classic card.

>> Because I've missed so many days I'll reeeeeally reach and pull this gem because Andrew Ebbett doesn't get talked about enough. Apparently he's playing playoff-like hockey with the Wolves.

>> Apparently Roberto Luongo has a twitter account? Where was I when this happened? But anyways, Thomas Drance from Canucks Army talks about the man behind the @Strombone1 account as he fucks with HockeyyInsiderr, the Internet trade breaking teenager who apparently doesn't do his fucking homework.

>> Elliot Pap talks about the casualties of a lockout and how Manny Malhotra could be one.

That it's for the Canucks today.

The Other Guys:

>> Report: This lockout fucking sucks. The NHL is reportedly cancelling The Winter Classic as early as Thursday.

>> Tyler Bozak of the Toronto Bastards Maple Leafs is catching some shit for going the blackface route for Halloween and dressing up as Michael Jackson.

>> Lauri Korpikoski's Mom is filming him in the stands at all his games this season plans to send a DVD to the Phoenix Coyotes to show them he can score on the power play. Anyone else hope that this really fucking backfires? No? Just me?

>> Patrick Eaves is still struggling through concussion symptoms, though he's getting better he isn't quite there yet. Reminding all of us how fucking shitty concussions actually are.

Alright, that's it for me. Hope you all have a great day and a safe Halloween. If you're over 20 don't go trick or treating unless your costume is really convincing.

Thanks for reading!

- Mitch

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