Stats can be fun....or painful.

I was reading this Puck Daddy article yesterday and it got me to thinking. How good were the Canucks last year against the eventual playoff teams. Were the Canucks "lucky" last year to be in the Northwest? Did those "bonus" points against the Flames, Oilers and Avs (The Wild spanked us a few times last year) really inflate our point total and ego? Should we have beat those other teams if we were as bad as other fans believed we were? So I wasted a couple hours and did the research.



I only looked at the games where playoff teams played against each other. I compiled the records of all the head to head of each playoff team against each other. Not as easy as I thought due to the stupid point rule after regulation. Example: Van was 2-0-2 against Det, but Det was 2-2 against the Canucks. So I had to go game by game. Why the fuck did I do this again? In the end I found some surprises. Here are  (A) the winning pct numbers for each team and (B) their opposition's winning percent against them. I then went (A) - (B) to see if they had plus positive winning percentage against playoff teams or a minus.

Team                          Team Win %                Opp Win %                   Diff

1.San Jose                     .648                           .477                             .169

2.Montreal                       .610                          .512                              .098

3.Nashville                     .600                           .513                             .087

4.Washington                .615                           .564                             .051

5.Anaheim                      .568                          .523                              .045

6.Philly                             .571                          .548                              .023

7.Chicago                       .571                          .560                              .011

8.TB                                 .561                          .561                                 0

9.NYR                              .563                          .575                            -.012

10.Van                             .554                          .581                            -.027

11.Pit                               .548                          .595                            -.047

12.Bos                            .523                          .570                            -.047

13.Det                             .536                          .595                            -.059

14.LA                               .511                          .591                            -.080

15.Buff                            .536                          .619                            -.083

16.Pho                            .500                          .622                            -.122

So we can see that the Sharks and Habs had the best records against the rest of the playoff teams Buffalo and Phoenix can thank the Senators and Edmonton for being so crappy and handing out wins like Dale Tallon hands out contracts.

I can tell you from my stats that Anaheim should use some of that Disney magic and move themselves out east as they had a .800 winning% against the east playoff teams. The same number does for Pittsburgh against west playoff teams.

As for the Canucks, their numbers against playoff teams were leaving something to be desired. But for years people were saying that the Canucks could beat league leaders but struggle against teams that should be easy to beat. That was not the case this year as 76 of their points came against non-playoff teams. The Nucks had a .333 winning pct. against the east while having a .875 winning pct. against S.J.. Damn you eastern time zone!!

But in the end, as pointed out by my wife, these stats mean squat when the playoffs come. The opponents the Canucks beat were all ranked high on this table and then they go and lose to the 12th ranked Bruins. Damn you Eastern Time Zone!!!!

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