Kevin Bieksa is the 21st Best Paid Blueliner in the NHL

By salary cap numbers that is. Here's the list at one of my fave sights,  So, it got me thinking.  We know Juice took a haircut to stay in beautiful B.C, but lets take a quick look at those above to see how good a deal...



Shea Weber, then Brian Campbell and Zdeno Chara are the most well paid defenders.  An argument can definitely be made that they are better than, and/or more important to their team than Juice.

But its when we get to #4, that we start to realize the good deal.  I mean, Bouwmeester did have some good numbers in Florida, but his numbers and play in Calgary? Juice definitely wins out on this guy, regardless of his pedigree.  Dan Boyle next.  Damn fine offensive defenseman, we'll give San Jose this one.   Dion Phanuef though?  He makes 6.5 mil, and to be very kind, while our Leaf friends may like him, or at least defend him, it is pretty easy to put Juice about this guy, at almost 2 million less.

Kimmo Timmonen is next. He makes a little more than Nic Lidstrom on the paylist.  Now, I am not going to portray Bieksa as better than the Perfect Human, no way.  But I will say he is as important to his team, and a far better deal than Timmonen.

The next level is where it gets interesting.  I would put the next guy, Brent Seabrook, at just a hair above Juice.  I would then call Bieksa a far better deal.  Even with the long term deal making Seabrook's Cap 5.8 mil, he will make 7 million this year.  He is not THAT much better than Mr. Bieksa.

Next is Markov. Andrei is a fine overall defender.  He is also about as sturdy as fine bone china. Lubomir Vishnovsky rode a LOT of ice time with the top line in Anaheim, lots of PP time to the top of the stats last year.  Pretty tough to compare him to our boy straight up.  Duncan Keith? Dude won a Norris.  Sergei Gonchar may be better on rep, and he has definitely put up more points.  At this point in their careers, I'd take Juice.

The next guy is James Wisniewski.  He got a big money deal this year, and makes about a million more a year than our Canuck hard rock.  I would put Kevin just above him, although of all those on the list so far, they do play similar styles.

15 through 20?  Mike Green - more offensive, defense improving.  I'd take Green on our team for the offense, but really, as an overall defender, Bieksa might be a bit better than him too. 16 and 17, Keith Yandle and Dustin Byfuglien.  Here is where it gets interesting.  At 5.250 mil, both are getting paid, but both are worth it for their numbers. Both are better overall than our boy, to me anyhow.

Paul Martin and Michal Rozsival?  Bieksa, in my mind, is at least the equal of these two, at about 400K less in Cap value.


#20 is Chris Pronger.  Now that guy, I would take, even though I hate the fucker for stepping on Kes's leg, amongst a laundry list of dirty play.  His just under 5 mil is a Cap thing, as he gets 7.6 this season.  Juice is getting 7 million with his "signing bonus" included ( and really, they might as well call these signing bonuses "lockout insurance". )


So, just a fun little exercise because I am bored.  But it does show that GMMG made another good deal. Certainly better than whomever signed J-Bo and Mike Komisarek!

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