The Burrows Index

As we wait for summer to kick into gear in Vancouver here, and ponder what Mr Gillis will be doing to "get that winger to play with Kesler", the rest of the hockey world goes by.  The signings of a variety of players got me thinking just how good a deal GMMG made when he signed Alexandre Burrows to that 4 year/8 million dollar deal.

So, I present to you, the "Burrows Index". It is based on the production over the last two years ( since he signed the deal), his production and stats compared to some of the guys signed this offseason.


We all know that the prices were insane this year, and the terms amazing in their length.  The floor of the Cap. teams like Buffalo and Columbus needing or wanting to make splashes, all led to that.  But even though we all know the man will get PAID on his next deal, lets look at everyone's favorite hair pullin', finger nibbling, goalie crashing, always gives a 100%, we don't care if you hate him because we love him ECHL success story and see how some of these other players measure up.


 In the past two seasons, Alexandre Burrows kicked some stat line ass.  Not all of that is playing with the Twins either.  Yes, that helps, but the man also produced shorthanded ( 5 goals SH in 09/10, where together with his fellow Terror Twin, he spearheaded the penalty kill.  He rarely joined the Sedins on the power play in 09/10, ( though he got 4 PP goals that season ) and only saw some time there this past season on the second unit. ( only 1 goal on the PP this past year )


Still, in 09/10,in 82 games played, he scored 35 times, assisted on a teammate's goal 32 times, and finished a +34 in the regular season. He scored 3 more, and assisted on three others, while playing a +4 in 12 playoff games.  The injuries he played with in those games caused him to have shoulder surgery in the offseason, and miss the first 10 games of this past season.

In this past season, in those 72 games, he lit the lamp 26 times, had 22 helpers, and was a +26.  Healthy in the playoffs, he had 9 goals, 8 assists ( 1 PP, 1SH, 2 GWG ) in 25 fun filled games.


So, that is the parameters. Everyone else did not play with the Sedins, of course.  Even with that in mind, lets see how the guys in his price range and beyond measure up...


Free agents -


Patrik Berglund -  is only 23. His production is not quite at #14's level, as in 09/10 he had 13 goals, 13 assists in 71 games. In 10/11, much better. In 81 games, 22 goals and 30 assists. Not quite apples to oranges because of the age difference and potential for the young man. Signed for 2 more years, and he will make 500K more in that time than Burr.  .750 Burrows.

Andrei Kotsitsyn -  signed for 1 year at 3.25 mil, so lets look at how he measures up for just last year, to make more playing in AMFB's hometown. 20 goals and 25 assists in 81 games for the '03 10th overall pick. 2 goals in 6 playoff games.  Maybe they paid him more because of his 20, 5 were on the PP, and 6 were GWGs. .550 Burrows.

Pascal Dupuis - signed with his old team for another 2 years at 1.5 mil per.  Slightly older than our hero at 32, he is closer to him in deportment on the ice, and his production is not bad either.  09/10, he lit the lamp 18 times, and added 20 assists. The next year, 1 less goal, and the same number of assists. In 09/10, he had 5 GWGs, and this past season, of his 17 goals, 4 were shorties, and 3 won the game. Solid signing.  .950 Burrows.

Chad LaRose - the man is only 1 year younger than Burr', and worked his way up as an undrafted guy.  In 56 games in 09/10, he had 11 goals and 17 assists. In a full season just past, he had 16 goals and 15 assists, but was an eye popping -21 last year.  He will make 300K less a year than #14 for the next two.  I imagine he might do better with the Twins, but still only rates .650 AMFB's.

Tomas Kopecky - this comparison should stuff the "Twins are the only reason Burrows does so well" argument.  I mean, this guy played with all of the Hawk's best this past year. Even if you call him "just a 4th liner" in 09/10, the 29 year old 38th overall pick in the 2000 draft only had 10 goals and 11 assists.  He did have 4 goals and 2 assists in the 17 playoff games he skated in that year.  In this past year, with time all over the lineup, Tomas got 15 goals and 27 assists in 81 fun filled games.  For that, he gets 3 mil a year for the next 4? .550 Burrows.

Jussi Jokinen - is a player I was wondering about signing here.  Again, not quite apples to oranges, but without the Sedins to feed him, Jussi had 30 goals and 35 assists in 81 games in 09/10.  This past year, he only played in 70 games, and had 19 goals and 33 setups.  With similar production to the man, only a couple years younger, he is the only one that I will begrudgingly give a 1.00 Burrows rating. Even though he will make 1 mil a season more after just signing a 3 year / 9 million dollar deal.

Tyler Kennedy - is another good signing for the Pens ( not as good as Pascal though! ).  In 09/10, in 64 games he made it into, he had 13 goals and 12 assists. But in the next year, with the two superstars on the shelf, Tyler bettered that with 21 goals, 24 assists, in 80 games.  He must have shown enough to get signed to Burrows money for the next two years! ( 4 mil ) .850 Burrows.



I could go on and on. Ted Purcell, for instance, just avoided arbitration and signed for 2 years at 2.3625 a year. He is a good player, but even with 6 goals and 11 assists in the playoffs this past year, he got 17 goals and 34 assists last year, and in 09/10, had 6 goals and 9 assists in 60 games between the Kings and Bolts.  I would bet that Lightning fans think he signed a fair deal, and maybe it is, but he is no Burrows!   Andrej Sekera is a fellow shit disturber, but is he really worth 11 million for the next 4 years ( 750K more a year than #14 ).  He had 4 goals and 7 assists in 49 games in 09/10, and 3 goals and 26 assists in 76 games! Really Darcy Regier?


Andrew Cogliano and Blake Wheeler were both given deals that exceed Burrows ( Cogliano 3 years/7.170, Wheeler 2 /5.1 mildo ). They are both younger, and higher draft picks, but neither one has come close to being the player our man is.


So, thank the Puck Gods that AMFB likes it hear, and resign yourself to him getting to cash in on his next deal.  He is worth it.

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