Update: Average League Salary up 18%!


I maintain some pretty detailed spreadsheets for my salary based keeper league, fueled by the awesome websites such as and

What a difference a week makes. Last week my figures had the NHL Average salary up from $1,970,370 last year to $2,523,451 next year, as of July 12, 2011.(An increase of 28.51%) This week the NHL Average salary up to $2,290,662 next year, as of July 21, 2011.(An increase of 18.06%)  The Salary Cap only  increased 8.25%.  This could go up or down as more of the minor players get signed, but there are still a few hefty RFAs yet to be signed as well. 

Why such a change? In the 100 contracts handed out in the past week a whopping 91% were blow last years Avg Salary, and 82% at less than $1 million. Out of the 109 pay cuts this year 72 will be making less than $1 Million. The 4th line and "call up" players seem to be making less this year.

Canucks payroll analysis after the jump.

According to Cap Geek we have 3 forwards that make over that new league average (H. Sedin, D. Sedin, R. Kesler). All other forwards are below. We also have 4 D-Men making above average salaries. Given our success last year with virtually the same lineup we are sticking to our formula. 

The general consensus  is that we need a top 6 winger. One that did not exist in this years crop of free agents at a price that we could afford. I believe that price to be approx $4,000,000

What Mike Gillis was able to accomplish was resign the D-Men and forwards at salaries that are below the new league average. This give the Canucks some cap space for a future trade. A trade that does not need to take place before the season starts if at all. A trade that could net us a $5,000,000 - $6,000,000 player if the right asset is moved. That asset is not Corey Schneider as his hit is only $900,000 and that hit that will stay with his position and he pretty much makes the minimum. 

We have 3 vets and 2 rookies that can battle it out for Kesler time on the second line. Sammuelsson, Higgins, Sturm, Hodgeson, and Schroeder are all making below average salary.  All could be trade bait, trashed by injury, ar stashed in the minors if need be.


This leaves us with the last wild card, Hanson's arbitration. If he gets north of $2,500,000 we loose all room to maneuver, and he might be priced out of a bottom 6 job in Vancouver. 


Updated July 21 2011:

Another Perspective ( % of Cap spent at each position)


LW Caphit $ Caphit % C Caphit $ Caphit % RW Caphit $ Caphit %
Daniel Sedin 6.1 10.27% Henrik Sedin 6.1 10.27% Alexandre Burrows 2 3.37%
Chris Higgins 1.6 4.29% Ryan Kesler 5 8.42% Mikael Samuelsson 2.5 4.21%
Mason Raymond 2.55 2.69% Manny Malhotra 2.5 4.21% Jannik Hansen 0.825 1.39%
Raffi Torres 1 1.68% Maxim Lapierre 0.9 1.52% Tanner Glass 0.625 1.05%
Jeff Tambellini 0.5 0.84% Cody Hodgson 1.667 2.81% Victor Oreskovich 0.575 0.97%
Kevin Bieksa 3.75 6.31% Christian Ehrhoff 3.1 5.22%
Alexander Edler 3.25 5.47% Dan Hamhuis 4.5 7.58%
Aaron Rome 0.75 1.26% Sami Salo 3.5 5.89%
Keith Ballard 4.2 7.07% Andrew Alberts 1.05 1.77%
Christopher Tanev 0.9 1.52%      
Roberto Luongo 5.333 8.98%
Cory Schneider 0.9 1.52%
Eddie Lack 0.9 1.52%
LW Caphit $ Caphit % C Caphit $ Caphit % RW Caphit $ Caphit %
Daniel Sedin 6.1 9.49% Henrik Sedin 6.1 9.49% Alexandre Burrows 2 3.11%
Chris Higgins 1.9 2.95% Ryan Kesler 5 7.78% Mikael Samuelsson 2.5 3.89%
Mason Raymond 2.55 3.97% Manny Malhotra 2.5 3.89% Marco Sturm 2.25 3.50%
Jannik Hansen 0 0.00% Maxim Lapierre 1 1.56% Andrew Ebbett 0.525 0.82%
Mark Mancari 0.525 0.82% Cody Hodgson 1.667 2.59% Victor Oreskovich 0 0.00%
Steve Pinizzotto 0.6 0.93%       Aaron Volpatti 0.612 0.95%
Kevin Bieksa 4.6 7.15% Dan Hamhuis 4.5 7.00%
Keith Ballard 4.2 6.53% Sami Salo 2 3.11%
Alexander Edler 3.25 5.05% Andrew Alberts 1.225 1.91%
Aaron Rome 0.75 1.17% Christopher Tanev 0.9 1.40%
Nolan Baumgartner 0.525 0.82% Alexander Sulzer 0.7 1.09%
Roberto Luongo 5.333 8.29%
Cory Schneider 0.9 1.40%
Eddie Lack 0.9 1.40%
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