The Conversation Gets Interesting

Thomas and Krejci for Boston; Kesler, Luongo, Henrik, and Bieksa for the Canucks.  Time to add another name.

Should the Bruins manage to come back and win this series, it's going to be Thomas performing miracles in addition to one of their lines catching fire.  Krejci has four game winning goals so far, and has been playing with confidence and drive - something the folks who vote on the Conn Smythe trophy love.

If they don't, well... How do you decide between those four Canucks listed?

Luongo, keeping Vancouver in the seventh game against Chicago even as his teammates were leaving aluminum shavings in their wake, trying desperately not to panic in overtime, oozing flop-sweat as their nightmare inched ever closer...

Kesler, a player who showed his huge versatility round after round, alternating between playing the shut-down role (Toews, Thornton) and scoring demon (all of Nashville), leaving everything he has on the ice every shift...

Henrik, the captain who has added a physical dimension to his play even as his cool demeanor allowed him to shrug off players and plays that would have driven him to distraction in other years, racking up points on awe-inspiring passes at impossible times...

Bieksa, who's been clearing the front of his own net even as he's been driving the other, picking his moments and making them count, shutting down the best the opposition has to offer while making coaches nervous about leaving him undefended and forwards just nervous...

One more name is pushing its way forward, and like the player himself, is ignored at your peril: Alex "MF" Burrows.

What hasn't he done?  Vital on the penalty kill, with one goal there; essential to the top line in hockey, giving the Sedins far more time and space to work their magic; fast enough to chase down dump-ins or to spoil an opposing breakaway; tough enough to dig into corners and scrappy enough to charge into scrums; and skilled enough to lead the Canucks with nine goals in a mere twenty games, including his first on the power play tonight.

Of Vancouver's four overtime wins, Burrows has two game winners - and in both games, he had multiple goals.  The only goals, in game seven versus Chicago, in fact.  His speed and drive are finally being noticed by opposing coaches, who are revising their thinking of him as the "safe" one.

He's not just "the other guy" on the first line any more.  He's not "just" Alex Burrows.  He's Alex Mother Fucking Burrows, and he will go through the biggest guy you have to get the game winning goal.  Forget this at your peril.

And, I think, he's earned a part of the Conn Smythe conversation.

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