Mask Musings ; Off Season Bite Me Edition

Of the many deities worships in the Nucks Misconduct pantheon, I have chosen several, but always Luongod.  Freedom of Canuck religions, and you guys are no better, you polytheological bunch!  It is a religion that comes with much pain, but a steadfast belief that we will be rewarded for our faith

I get the angst and animus, I really do. I don't begrudge or even totally disagree with Yankee's post on the big #1. There is always going to be opinions on goaltenders in Vancouver.  This one is the best we have ever had, and maybe we just don't either know how to handle a goaltender of that quality, or the grass Cory Schneider always looks greener.  Hell, we have Lack. trade him!  Such is the way it has always been in this city, from Suitcase Smith, through the many forgettable names, to a current now two time Vezina nominee ( I might be getting old and failing here, but thats good right? And unprecedented in this market? )

Oh wait, we can't, because according to some, "his contract is the worst in the NHL" ( the prevailing opinion of Cox, Grange, Stellick, Blair, and Shannon on Fan590 today.

Thats just a snippet. After the break, a few of the various screeds on my crease deity.



First up is one each from the locals. Here is Cam Cole, so comfy in his long time position that he actually wrote an "I told you so" article here. A snippet...



AND AGAIN, PLEASE: To those who flooded this email with indignant protests questioning the sanity of the author when he opined, before the Canucks signed him to his 12-year extension, that trading Roberto Luongo would be the most sensible course of action: see above instructions.

He was dandy in the regular season, sporadically great in the playoffs, but prone (and may always be prone) to gaffes unbefitting a goaltender who aspires to be recognized as world-class. At the end, he was a mental wreck, and Vigneault's faith in his ability to regroup and unwillingness to even entertain the Cory Schneider option was more knee-jerk stubbornness than rational thinking. At every other position on the team, Vigneault runs a meritocracy. Not in goal. If Luongo had been on a threeyear contract and not signed forever, hurting his feelings wouldn't have been a factor in the decision. It was.




Forget the combativeness of its tone, but I just don't agree with this idea of trading Luongo.  I find it incredibly short sighted.  We came one game short.  If you believe that is all on the goalie and not "losing as a team" as I do, then I respectfully disagree.  We have a guy that is a very good goaltender. Even his haters will acknowledge that.  His deal ( and really, how many times have you heard "10 million" hurled in an almost insulting tone...i.e. " How in the fuck could the 10 million dollar goalie not stop that one", like I heard a few times this playoffs.  Yes, there may have been a few goals that got by. But come on. The guy had 2 shutouts in the Final.  His team scored 8 frigging goals in front of him.

Yet, here is good old Cam, coming with the huge judgements ( "sporadically great in the playoffs"? "may always be prone"? "mental wreck"?  The little shot at AV there is more of the same. Getting a little tired, and just don't care anymore?  Cam, sorry dear sir, but fucking bite me.


Botch is usually more balanced, and I find myself agreeing with him more than most, but even this article has some bullshit in it. Come on Botch, but really... 


The lack of apparent athleticism is, in part, a product of his structured butterfly style, one which looked frighteningly inadequate when compared the past two weeks with Thomas's wild, fight-for-everything methods. Actually, he looked inadequate compared to Pekka Rinne and Corey Crawford, too.


Apparent Botch?  One of the guys biggest strengths is not giving up on a play.  We saw him make those type of saves when he had to, but because a guy is playing the style he believes in, and works, Melanson's more structured style, he is not flopping around as much as he was out on top of the crease.  You cannot have it both ways. To compare it to TimmAH's one in a million style is one thing. TT won the Cup. But both Crawford and Rinne did not "outplay him". If they did, we would not have been there at the end. Rinne was very good, and so was Crawford ( thank goodness he did not think to include Niemi, who was NOT!), but in the end, they did not get 4 wins before LuonGOD. So, regrettably, and with much respect, bite me Botch'.


Ken Campbell is a loon most the time, but because he snagged a job with a publication that calls itself The Hockey News, people sometimes get the impression that they supply,  Kenny gets to write whatever he wants though..


How can Roberto Luongo ever possibly play another game in Vancouver?

It wasn’t that Luongo was terrible in Game 7 because he wasn’t. But unlike Games 1, 2 and 5, he didn’t provide his team with the suffocating, lockdown, it’s-fine-guys-I’ve-got-this kind of goaltending that the Canucks desperately needed from him. He allowed three goals on 13 shots through the first two periods of the game. They were pretty good goals and Luongo couldn’t be exclusively faulted on them. But he allowed three goals on 13 shots. That’s simply not good enough regardless of how it’s spun.

And even if you forget about Game 7, he was a big reason why the Canucks threw this series away when they had a stranglehold on it. If he had even given the Canucks decent goaltending in one of their three previous losses, they’d probably still be cleaning up the streamers from Vancouver’s Stanley Cup parade.


Is classic Campbell passive aggressiveness. Its effective because he wraps it in a specious point.  Yes Ken, we saw the game too.  He did let in 3 in 13 shots.  Lets look at that.  I know I am just some Luongo hugging granola cruncher, but really, there were several folks at blame on those goals. Its a team game. from Daniel losing Marchand off the faceoff on the first, with both Burrows and Salo not getting to Bergeron at the time, to Bieksa looking at his feet for the puck when Marchand took it and made a great play, there is plenty to look at besides the stopper.

Even if I buy your premise Kenny "How can Luongo play another game in Vancouver"? Really?  A big reason why they threw it away?  How about the ...what, 3 goals in the 4 losses?  No?  The entire team plays like shit, and you are blaming all 8 in one, and 4 in the other on Lui huh?  Sorry Ken. But for past and no doubt futire articles like this one...fucking bite me.


Dater 's article was actually kinda sorta almost OK, but this little ditty is just stupid.


Roberto Luongo's "It would have been an easy save for me" jibe at Tim Thomas, along with his plaintive cry for more attention from his counterpart, will go down in the Cup's Dewey-Defeats-Truman history of infamous quotes.


 One AD, it was not a "jibe", and two, couching it as a cry for attention is stupid. You are improving from your usual douchiness, but you are still not quite that good buddy.  Its amazing to me that these types will make that a "thing". It pisses me off, and Dater is a little too bitchy for my tastes.  Bite me.


Not even going to link to some of the SBNers around the dial. But after clicking around today, it seems we suck as a city, people, fans, players, and more.  Some remote attempts at some understanding, but mainly, maybe we are that hated, and the Luongo hate is just part and parcel.  

But for me, we have a guy that did all the right things, worked as hard as he could, ( and will work just as hard in the offseason ), has made leaps and bounds in how he deals with the media ( even now though, he gets crucified for it, as the supposed "insult" of Thomas proved ), though you have to think the next time someone asks him about technique, he will know how not to answer.  But really. Eastern papers, Boston of course, but T.O, all the hockey TV networks, and even our own local guys. When you are so god damn lazy that you make THAT into four fucking days of copy? Lazy bastards. Bite me, bite me, bite me.


Don't let my love for my particular religion cloud my opinion on his performance. He could have been better in some games.  But I am not going to get into the micro-analysis that seems to follow the man on every goal. Newsflash folks. Goals happen. usually from mistakes, sometimes from the others.  Acknowledging the mistakes is not "calling a guy out", or " blaming him for the goal".  Sometimes I think Luongo is too honest for his own good.


I have no problem with LuonGOD becoming less media friendly. He let his personality shine through and we loved it all season. the joking with the scribes, the little back and forths. turns out they were just laughing at you and not with you Lui.  That is the way it is with these duplicitious, fingers crossed, I will never quote you bastards.

Don't give them the satisfaction next year. Polite and as positive as ever, but treat these guys with caution Lui.  They will take advantage of that, and be all over you the second each one of them THINKS that that is a goal that "should have been stopped" ( and when was that made the purview of a bunch of bespectacled frail types that never played the game they are crucifying you about ? ).  They won't change buddy. Treat them as a necessary evil, and thats it.


15 wins and so close. I know he will work his ass off to try and get better.  Perhaps the "something to prove" stories can be written around this time next year, when he takes that final step.

A final step, and some of these hacks are trading him, labeling him "untradeable", and mentioning his contract as something that is so horrible.

Haters are gonna hate Lui.  Let it roll off those shoulders, and we will see you in the fall.


"Oh yeah, and LuonGOD looked down upon his flock, and was taken of their restlessness"

"Have I not been a beneficial GOD?"

"Oh yeah dear Lord, but the masses are muttering of following another from the East"

And LuonGOD was saddened, and looked hard at his apostles

"Another of the Seal of Vezina has been thrown upon your GOD, and farther down the road to Heaven did we not travel together? 

"The Cup dear GOD, is what the masses cry out for, show us a sign!"

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