I don't like your Canucks, not the current version anyway. But still...

I'm really not trying to be a troll with the tag-line, but really, maybe this kind of post is trolling to some.  If so, it won't be up long.  I just feel like I need to make sure that is out there since this is your home and not mine.  I can't come over here pretending that I haven't been hating on half your roster this year.  That would be lame in my book, and I am too old to pose for anyone.  I'm not exactly "classy".  I am a hardcore hockey fan.  I get emotionally involed.  Sue me.

So now that I have vetted myself a bit, I really only came to say a couple of things. 

What happened in your city last night sucks.  It sucks to watch a few hundred do the kind of damage to a property, pride and flesh that they did.  In a way, it sucked even worse to watch thousands of spineless youth standing around watching, grinning and videotaping for their next FB post while the world burned around them.

A lot of people immediately took the opportunity with different versions of "what did you expect, it's Vancouver, the riot capital of the world" or "that's typical Nuck fans for you".  I know this attitude pissed off a lot of folks on here, and rightly so.  More than that though, I know for most of you, it hurt bad to see your colors on the backs of some of the scum in the streets.  Really bad.  Hurt to see the something that you take so much pride in tarnished like that.  Your team, your city, your Province, your game.

Half of my family is Canadian.  I have spent my fair share of time up North and I always enjoy it.  I think most outsiders who come to Canada would agree on one thing.  People are proud to be Canadian.  Truly proud.  As well you should be.  It is one hell of a country filled with a lot of good people.  That's why I know how much that mindless garbage truly sucks for all of you.  It's not the way it's supposed to go.  You deserved better.  You deserved the right to go home and cry in your beer or simply say, "screw it, we'll get em' next year, boys!"  ...but you didn't get that.  Instead, you got flames, violence and embarassment.  Though it's really for not now, I for one know it sure as hell doesn't represent true Canuck fans.

I'm not really 100% sure what the point of this post was.  I don't think any of you were really dying to hear from me.  I could talk for hours about all the things the drive me nuts about the Vancouver Canucks but, not today.  Today I just wanted to say that I hate it for you.  I hate it for hockey.

While it may put my character in question, please know that I don't ever use coarse language in a public forum.  We can debate that sometime if you like but , for now, I feel like I should probably mix in a couple swears.  This is NM after all.

Fuck this guy


No way he even knows who Trevor Fucking Linden is.  Someone get him a Sean Avery sweater immediately.

So...later on, all you NM bastards.  Keep on truckin' and take the haters (even your's truly) in stride.  You're in for some reverb over this so buckle up.  I for one will try to save my slag for the shit that happens on the ice.

See you in the fall.

Beans and cornbread,


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