My Horrific Sufferings, Wonderful Love, and Terrible Hatred

Let me begin by saying I was inspired to write this by a Nucks fan posting on the Bruins blog. I wanted to present an outside opinion honestly and directly. That was polite, calm and founded on reality. I wanted to state my opinion, prepared to take some heat for representing the wrong team in the wrong place, and not over-react to that heat. I'm also hoping that I can get some of you to laugh with some good natured fan driven hyperbole.

I am not a troll (usually a very good indication that someone is a troll, I realize that).  I very honestly am not. But I am a Bruins fan.  I have been a Bruins fan since I was old enough to understand what was going on in a hockey game.  It was back in the days in the twilight of Neely's career. When it was truly apparent how great he had been. You'd get little glimpses of the greatness, but with the understanding that the great nights weren't going to outnumber the not great nights. I was raised on the old stories. My Grandfather's old truck carried the faded bumpersticker all the way to the junkyard (Jesus saves and Esposito scores on the rebound). But in terms of the great times I've experienced as a Bruins fan. Well, there just isn't that much for me. I remember how excited I was when we drafted big Joe Thorton. I remember the GAS line with little Sergei Samsonov who couldn't defense his way out of a wet paper bag. They were fun to watch and man could they fill the net. 

But before this year.  The best time I ever had as a Bruins fan, was watching Ry Bourque skate with the cup wearing another team's jersey.  It was true elation getting to see him win it, hoist it, and skate with it. Old number 77.  One of the best Bruins ever. And the best one I've been fortunate enough to watch play. But it was a bittersweet kind of happy. Seeing him in the Ave's jersey. Knowing that Patrick Roy, the hated goalie of Montreal, had helped him get it. It was happy, mostly happy anyway.  But still the best I'd ever had.  Until this year.

No matter what happens in game 7, I want all of you to know, that this is the best year I've ever experienced as a Bruins fan.  So, Vancouver, no matter how things go in your building on Wednesday, thanks for the ride. I know you've had it rough too. I remember the year against the Rangers. I can still remember watching what Bure could do, to say he was fast seems inadequate.

I have rooted for Vancouver through the playoffs and through the season. I haven't watched them with the closeness that I've watched my Bruins. But I've pulled for them. I have been hoping that Sweet Lou could shrug off some of the criticisms he's carried since he was drafted. Really enjoy watching Kesler play. And Malhotra very quickly became my favorite Non-Bruin in the NHL.  I won't pretend I'm rooting for Vancouver in game 7.  But even if Wednesday delivers another 1-0 loss for my B's, it's the best year I've ever had. And that's fun.

See, the last 4 years or so the Bruins have delivered plenty of heart breaks. And they always seemed to come in those soul crushing tight contests in a game 7. Some of them made that much more painful by being against Montreal. And this year, it seems like the puck is taking the lucky bounces towards Boston. I have to admit, in my life as a Bruins fan, I've become accustomed to the ferocious B's snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. So I have been so scared to hope in this series against Vancouver. Even now, thinking forward to game 7, my imagination is conjuring all the many ways that the Bruins might crush my hopes as they've done so many times before.

But underneath the fear and the pessimism is that warm glow of hope. That 6 year old that cheers in the face of opposition. The unrestrained enthusiasm blind to the possibility of anything but success.  I left my feet more times than I could count in game 6. Made enough noise through the 2nd period that my neighbors on both sides knocked their complaint. By the third my neighbor above did the same. And that's when I decided to write this, rather than suffer the wrath of the condo association.

I've only been here once before. To weigh in my opinion on the Rome suspension (which, for the record, I thought was bull drek).  I know I have an odd sense of humor. And I know tone is very hard to interpret over the internet. So I hope I carried myself respectfully enough to avoid making enemies. But I am here, respectfully, to make my prediction for game 7. And hopefully to hear any predictions you may care to share for game 7.

With the joy of that young Bruins fan I once was. The one that hadn't tasted disappointment so many times as to forget the flavor of hope. I want to officially predict the outcome of game 7. A day that I believe will be forever remembered in Vancouver as Black Wednesday*. Final score 29 to 0 (three of the goals will be own goals by Burrows who will get so turned around in the chaos of the Bruins assault that he'll bang a hat trick past Rask**).  I firmly believe the game will be called at the end of the 2nd period. Primarily to prevent any deaths from tv viewers due to overexposure to awesomeness***.  And after seeing the true power of the Bruins unleashed in those 40 minutes the entire NHL will need a diaper change.

*As in "No son, I still remember exactly where I was on Black Wednesday" or "Thursday was horrible I couldn't get a latte anywhere, everyone was closed in the aftermath of Black Wednesday."

**After both Luongo and Schneider give up a baker's dozen to the Bruins in the first period, the Bruins bench will agree to lend the Canucks Tuukka. Tuukka will happily agree because it gets boring being Timmy's back up.

***In the middle of the 2nd period at least three people in the arena will have been found suffering from symptoms. Two members of the Canucks will also report symptoms but will be found to be faking those injuries in an attempt to draw penalties.

This is entirely and completely intended to be entertaining. I'm not trying to insult any of you as fans or anyone on the team. Vancouver did a lot to earn being here, just like Boston did. I just thought this might be a fun way to pass the time between now and Wednesday. Because I know we all want to talk hockey. And as much as we all want to see our team skate with the cup. None of us, really want the season to end. We want the boys to keep playing. We want the teams to keep skating. We don't want to have to take 3 months off. 3 months without hockey. It's hard enough here where I live. This is the only time of the year I actually get to see the Bruins. The rest of the season I'm stuck with highlight reels, youtube clips, and box scores. Which is kind of like trying to fight a cigarette addiction by rolling paper napkins into tubes and breathing through them.

If it's decided that this is too trolly, or that I've crossed a line, I'll leave without needing a ban. I'm not here to be a jerk, just trying to make a few people laugh. And make the next few days last with some real flavor. One way or the other, at the end of the game on Wednesday, I'm gonna be a little sad, just to see the season end.

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