The year that was 1994

With the Nucks about to embark on their first Stanley Cup Finals series since 1994 I thought it would be fun to look back at that year and see how much the world has changed in the intervening years. For the old timers this will be a trip down memory lane. And you youngsters might learn a thing or two. Here are the important world events that happened way back in 1994.

January 1st - The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) is established.


January 6th - In Detroit, Olympian Nancy Kerrigan is clubbed in the leg. She proceeds to yell "why?" over and over thus robbing herself of any sympathy from anyone.

January 11 - The Superhighway Summit is held at UCLA's Royce Hall. It is the first conference to discuss the growing information superhighway and is presided over by U.S. Vice President and internet inventor Al Gore.

January 14th - US Pres and ladies man, although we don't know that part yet, Bill Clinton and Russian Pres, and noted drunkard which we do know, Boris Yelsten sign the Kremlin Accords. They no longer point their missiles at each other.

January 17th - The Northridge Earthquake hits the San Fernando Valley, kills 72 and leaves over 20,000 homeless.

January 20th - The Legendary Sir Matt Busby passed away. He managed Manchester United and helped them become the first English team to win the European Cup in 1968.

January 22nd - Kojak died. Terry Savalas passed away.

January 21st - Lorena Bobbitt, always the prankster, is found not guilty for reasons of insanity in her trial for mutilating her husband. Men everywhere shudder.

February 9th - The Vance-Owen Peace Plan for Bosnia and Herzegovinia is announced.

February 12th - The 1994 Olympics begin in Lillehammer. Damn you Peter Forsberg. Damn you to hell.

March 1st - Justin Bieber is born.

March 7th - Campbell vs. Acuff-Rose Music Inc.: The Supreme Court rules that parodies are fair use. Weird Al rejoices.

March 16th - Tonya Harding pleads guilty and is banned from the sport. You know your plan to attack Nancy Kerrigan is bad when it only takes the American justice system less than two months to bang you up. Nice work Harding.

March 21st - The 66th Academy Awards are hosted by Whoopi Goldberg. And that's not the worst atrocity of the night. Daniel Day-Lewis is beaten for best actor by Tom Hanks and Ralph Fiennes, nominated for Schindler's List, is beaten in the supporting actor category by Tommy Lee Jones. Tommy is a great actor to be sure. But he won for his role in The Fugitive. The effing Fugitive. 

March 27th - Silvio Burlusconi is elected in Italy. They can't seem to stop making that same mistake. He also likes prostitutes. But who doesn't?

March 28th - Shell House Massacre: ANC forces battle the Inkatha Freedom Party in Johannesburgh.

April 3rd - Last day Kurt Cobain is seen alive. Last seen by a ammunition sales man. Maybe.

April 7th - Rwandan genocide begins.

April 8th - Kurt Cobain is found dead. That ammunition worked.

April 27th - South Africa holds first multiracial elections. Apartheid officially ends.

May 1st - F1 world champ Ayrton Senna is killed in a crash. Who? Exactly.

May 6th - The Channel Tunnel, which took 7 years to build (it would have been 4 but the French work so damn slow), is completed.

May 10th - A great day in the world's history. Nelson Mandela is sworn in as South Africa's first black president and John Wayne Gacy is lethally injected.

May 14th - Hockey is finally made Canada's official winter sport. What was it before? And if someone says curling I will punch them.

June 12th - Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman are found dead. O.J. Simpson will take the blame. But we all know Kato had something to do with it.

June 14th - Nothing happened. Especially not in New York and especially not in the NHL. Nothing at all.

June 17th - OJ and his buddy lead the police on a "slow speed" chase. TV hits what we think must be rock bottom. The 1994 FIFA World Cup kicks in Chicago.

June 22nd - The Houston Rockets beat the Knicks in Game 7 of the NBA finals. Apparently the Canucks should have dressed Hakeen Olajuwon for their game 7.

July 2nd - Andres Escobar is shot dead in Medellin. He had scored an own goal against the US at the 1994 FIFA World Cup that cost Columbia a place in the knock out round.This lead to the great ESPN 30 for 30 doc "The Two Escobars" which is a must see.

July 8th - Kim Il-Sung President of North Korea dies. His crazy ass son takes over.

July 17th - Brazil beats Italy on penalties to win the 1994 World Cup. Good. I hate Italy and hated the Baggios more than I hate Mark Messier.

July 18th - Terrorists in Buenos Aires attack and kill bomb a building holding several Jewish organizations. 85 are killed and many more injured.

July 19th - Four 26 pound ceiling tiles fall from the roof of the Kingdome in Seattle just hours before a game I had tickets for. The game is canceled. I am having the worst summer ever.

July 25th - Israel and Jordan sign a peace treaty ending the state of war that had existed between them since 1948.

August 11th - Grand Moff Tarkin, Peter Cushing to his mother, passes away.

August 12th - MLB owners lock out the players robbing the Montreal Expos of a possible World Series and robbing everyone in the world from seeing the majesty of Larry Walker's mullet on a daily basis. Woodstock 1994 begins making a mockery of the original Woodstock.

September 8th - USAir Flight 427, a 747 carrying 132 people, crashes on approach to Pittsburgh. There are no survivors. Philadelphians boo them for dying.

September 11th - Miss Daisy Jessica Tandy passes away.

September 28th - The ferry MS Estonia sinks in the Baltic killing 852 people.

October 4th - In Switzerland, 23 members of the Order of the Solar Temple cult are found dead, a day after 25 of their fellow cultists are similarly discovered in Morin Heights, Quebec. Natural selection continues to work just fine thank you very much. 

October 20th - Legendary actor, and the man that takes Field of Dreams from very good to perfect, Burt Lancaster dies.

October 29th - Francisco Martin Duran, cause he has three names, fires 12 shots at the White House. He is later convicted of making a VERY poor effort to kill President Clinton.

November 5th - George Foreman knocks out Michael Moorer, if only he had knocked out Michael Moore, to win the WBA and IBF heavyweight titles. He becomes the oldest heavyweight champ of all time.

November 8th - Texans elect George W as their governor. So now we know who to blame.

November 30th - The NFL announces the Jacksonville Jaguars will be the league's next expansion team.

December 11th - Yeltsin orders troops into Chechnya. He meant to order another drink.

December 19th - The Whitewater Investigation begins in Washignton, DC.


The top grossing films of 1994 were The Lion King, Forrest Gump, True Lies, The Mask, Speed, Flintstones, Dumb and Dumber, Four Weddings and a Funeral, Interview with a Vibrator, and Clear and Present Danger. Shawshank Redemption was released in 1994. As was Pulp Fiction. Schindler's List won 7 Academy Awards including Best Picture.


1994 was a great year for TV with Friends, ER, Chicago Hope, Party of Five and Ellen all debuting that year. Not to mention the Bravo show Inside the Actors Studio. Sadly In Living Color, Star Trek: TNG, and The Arsenio Hall Show all ended in 1994. Frasier somehow won the Emmy for Comedy series ahead of Seinfeld and The Larry Sanders Show while Picket Fences somehow beat Star Trek: TNG, Law and Order, and NYPD Blue for top drama. Candice Bergen won a well deserved Emmy for her work on Murphy Brown.


The biggest selling album of 1994 was The Lion King Soundtrack. The top selling singles were Streets of Philadelphia by Bruce Springsteen, All for Love by Sting and friends, Cotton Eye Joe by Rednex, I Swear by All For One, and Without You by Mariah Carey.Whitney Houston won the Grammy for Record of the Year with 'I Will Always Love You" and Toni Braxton was named Top New Artist.


And so there you have it. 1994. The last time the Canucks got this far in the playoffs. It took me several hours to put this together. And I only wish it had taken longer. Drop the damn puck already.

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