Aboriginal People Know How To Celebrate The Canucks

I know everything I'm about to say is controversial but let me say my thang. What is it about Aboriginal people and their passion for the Canucks? I have lived in Smithers for a long long time and one thing I have noticed in regards to the Canucks: In general the Aboriginal people, up in this area anyway, wear their Canucks pride on their sleeves. Allow me to give you the biggest example. When the Canucks beat the Sharks in Game 5 to eliminate them from the playoffs, myself and a few friends yelled and screamed at the top of our lungs in celebration. Then we, all clad in Canucks jerseys, walked out of the front door and stood along Main Street as maybe8-10 vehicles made their way by, honking their horns in jubilation. We cheered with them from the side of the road.

8-10 vehicles. In Smithers. Hometown of Dan Hamhuis. Population @5000.

On a reservation called Moricetown, population of about 280 people about a 25 minute drive NW from here:

How many vehicles was that? 50-60? Unreal. Sure, the guy (Amos Naziel) erroneously said Kesler had scored the winner but who cares? Moricetown was hopping after the Bieksa game winner and showed it in true colors. Wanna pull the "well there were no cops there" argument? Well let me tell you this: The Aboriginals in this area attach Canucks flags to their vehicles when the NHL regular season starts. When I put a Canucks flag on my truck window during last year's playoffs people bugged me for basically being an "Indian" or acting like one. I am as white as the winter snow. However I stood by not only my love for the Canucks, but the Aboriginal's love as well. They GET IT. They love the team no matter what. I am envious of that on so many occasions.

When we drove up and down Main Street after that win (yeah we found a sober driver), and who was standing along the street side giving me high fives while I extended my celebratory arm out the car window? The Aboriginals.

Now that the Canucks are in the Finals guess who has flags attached to their car windows and radio antennas? The Aboriginals...AND the white folks. Wow. So now it is cool to do so now that the Canucks have made it so far? Give me a break.

I'm not standing on an anti-racist pedestal here because trust me I am not worthy. I know every hockey fan up here in Hamhuisland is excited. But when it comes to taking that excitement on the streets I have to tip my hat to the Aboriginal people. Good God they make us whiteys look like stiffs. I have been wanting to say this for a long time now.

All of this on the heels of CTV News being up here doing a Dan Hamhuis special, and the Smithers Chamber of Commerce encouraging us via email to put some form of Hamhuis love signs on our lawns and/or windows to show our support. I think that was what really set me off.

Anyway, GREAT JOB Moricetown and Aboriginal people! I just wanted to tip my hat to you folks. When it comes down to unabashed, in-your-face-take-it-to-the-streets love of the Canucks in this win! But there are a few of us white peeps that can match it. A few...but not many apparently. I hope this town shows more spirit if the boys can win it all and that we can do it all in unison.


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