Beantown writes angry letter to Globe and Mail

So this correspondent "MacGregor" that the Globe and Mail has covering the Canucks has been REALLY pissing me off with the ridiculous trolling Canuck-hate he seems to have.  I've been bugging mirtle about it one twitter for a while and Mirtle keeps telling me I should email the guy.  So I decided instead to email the sports editors at the Globe as well as MacGregor to express my displeasure.  I'll update you if I get any good response, but here's the letter:


Dear Messers Maloney and Yourk, 

After reading these two articles:

Can you explain to me why you continue to have Mr. MacGregor as apparently one of your lead correspondents covering the Canucks this playoffs?

In 21st century vernacular, Mr. MacGregor is what is known as a troll or a hater.  The first article, insulting the notion that the Vancouver Canucks can represent Canada, appeals to no one and insults an entire province.  What's the point of doing that?  Seriously, why publish something like that?  The second article, after the Canucks win back to back games on the road to take a 3-1 lead in their series, still somehow decides to cast a dark cloud on the team and belittles Luongo (which itself has been done so many times by the media and is so unoriginal that it provides absolutely zero added value to any analysis of his or the team's play).  And beyond the fact that the message of the article is just a confounding angle to choose to take considering the current position the Canucks find themselves in, the analysis on Luongo is completely ridiculous when you consider the fact that he is outperforming Pekka Rinne, the guy everyone has been praising, in every single major goaltending statistic (GAA, SV%, Wins, Shutouts) both in this series and in the playoffs as a whole.

Trolls are to be shunned, not published in a supposedly national newspaper.  Again, as a national newspaper, do you think you can have someone familiar with the Canucks, which are based in Vancouver, which is a city in Canada, which is the nation for which you are supposedly a national newspaper, actually provide some intelligent coverage?  Just get Sekeres to do everything, he's pretty good.  If you want to have in depth coverage, you can find a half dozen very good voices on various blogs on the internet who are all more capable.  Failing that, in the future, if you're going to go with eastern writers, please stick with publishing things by Duhatschek and Mirtle.  People who actually know anything about hockey and know anything about what makes for good reading about hockey, and who know that you can criticize a team, a player, a league or a sport without insulting your readership directly and also without insulting their intelligence.


[Beantown Canucks' real name]
A Canadian

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