Where Everybody Knows Your (User)Name: Nucks Misconduct Playoffs Meetup



Hey guys, its that time of year again. The time of year where it seems everyone in the city is a Canucks fan, and when gametime rolls around, everyone gathers at the local pub (where everybody knows your name because your bartab is through the roof) or in front of the TV to take in the awesomeness that the Canucks put on the ice. Well we here at Nucks Misconduct understand your need for hockey camaraderie, and we want to bring the wonderful members of this blog to watch a game together and to imbibe alcoholic beverages copiously with little to no regard for our wellbeing and livers, more specifically.

After the jump you'll find all the details.

WhereSt Augustine's Pub on Commercial Drive. 2360 Commercial Drive, Vancouver, British Columbia, V5N 4B7, Canada. Their phone number is 604-569-1911. I called the Edge Pub and they didn't sound like they would be able to seat us comfortably, whereas St. Augustines has a 150 person capacity and would be able to seat us comfortably. For those of you who are looking at taking the Skytrain to the pub, just take the train to Commercial-Broadway Station, walk Northbound (you'll be walking 'up' towards a slight incline) and you should see St. Augustine's on your right.




When: Saturday, June 4th, 2011. We decided on Game 2 because it is Saturday and thus will presumably be easier for everyone who works during the week to attend. I work till 4:30 on weekdays and it would have been quite a stretch for me to get down to the Drive in time for gametime and to get a table. Now it is to my understanding that Zandberg and maybe Yankee plan on coming to Vancouver later on in the series for a Game 4 or Game 5. If that ends up being the case, then we can organize another meetup for Game 5 or something, if the series goes that long. 

What time: So puck drop is at 5, but I called St. Augustines and they said to show up AT LEAST 1.5 hours before puck drop. So that means I'll probably be down there around 3-3:30 ish to get us a spot to watch the game. Try to get there around 4-4:30 ish so they don't kill me for squatting on a 6 person table by myself. 

St. Augustines was actually suggested by Twitch, and Ive only been there once and it was pretty good. I asked them if they have beer specials, and I'll get back to you with their reply. Here are the menus.

So far Ive got about 9 people (including my girlfriend who might swing by) coming. Let me know if you're coming by just writing in the comments section or by sending me an email (my email is in my profile I think). If you show up and you don't know where to find us, just look for the black guy in Canucks apparel. That'll be me. There aren't very many in Vancouver. I may be drunk by the time you show up though.


and me, obviously.

Other than that Im looking forward to meeting more NM-ers, drinking heavily, and watching hockey. Drink up, and be merry! 

Also, major kudos to JJ Canuck for putting up the original NM playoffs meetup. 


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