Canucks vs Sharks ; A Retrospective

After getting inspiration from watching this example of what Orcas do to Sharks, I thought it might help to take a quick look at the regular season series. Maybe Joe Thornton was right that it does not mean anything, but we have a few days to kill, and they are next on the road to the Cup.

A quick look at those games after the jump.  

Nov 26 of 2010 - 6 to 1 for the good guys at home

Heater had Thornton assist on a goal, and they both finished even.  But that was about it.  Patrick Marleau was a -4 that night., and only Wallin on the back end was a minus for the Top 4.  You would expect the Canucks to have some good performances in a 6-1 win.  Lets see. Ehrhoff was  a+3 with no points.  Ballard had a goal and was a +2, Hamhuis the same with an assist. Kesler, Hank, and Dank all had an assist and were a +1.  Mr Everything and Tambellini both had a goal as well.  Samuelsson had a pretty great game, with 2 goals and a +3.

Mr Luongo was obviously the better in a 6-1 game. He ended up with 32 saves on 33 shots. People forget that the Sharks had some good chances early, but only got one on a Heater shot in the first, and none when they poured 16 on Lui in the second.


The third day of the year of 2011, a date, funnily enough, also known as Jan 3rd / 2011. 4 to 3 in San Jose

Marleau had a goal and finished up an even, while Ryan Clowe had a goal and was a -1.  Jumbo Joe was not so Jumbo with no points and a -3, and none of the big minute blue liners finished a plus. ( Murray a -1. Bolyle 1 assist and a -1, and Wallin was an even.  Meanwhile, Hammer and Juice had no points but were both an even.  The Hoff had 2 assists and was a +1.  Mr Kesler had an assist and a +1, while the Sedin line were the difference. Burr - 1 goal, 1 assist, a +1, the same as Daniel.  Hank had an assist and was a +1 as well, while Alex Edler also had a goal and finished an even.

Schneider won the goaltending battle on this night, stopping 32 of 35. But Niemi might have been the better goalie, with 43 saves on 47 shots, and 21 of those in the third, when only a Burrows slapper got by him.


Seventeen long days later the Sharks sort of got their "revenge" in Vancouver. Needed a S/O to do it 2-1

In a game that only had 2 even strength goals, not a lot of skaters had a big night.  Some kid named Couture had a goal, but was an even, meaning he was on for one too. Murray and Boyle were both a +1, Thornton a -1. and Wellwood played 11:18.  He was on more than Tambellini, who only played 7:26. But he skates faster than Welly, so it evens out.  Hammer and Juice were both a +1, and Smither's favorite son even had an assist.  Henrik Sedin had a goal and his brother an assist, and both were a +1, as was Burr'.

Both tenders both obviously played pretty well this night, but the edge has to go to Luongo, who had only one or 46 shots get by him.   Niemi was no slouch, letting in just one on 17 first period shots. But Luongo had 25 shots to face in the second, and was only beaten on a Couture wrister.


If we'd known then, we would have made Mar 10th/2011 a day that would live in Shark infamy. 5-4 Canucks in a S/O

Perhaps the series will have more of this type of game, as opposed to the goaltending duel.  The Canucks did go into San Jose and have a good game once again.  This one once again featured a big performance from the Twins and Burrows.  Mr Everything had a goal and was a +1. Daniel a goal, an assist, and an even, while Henrik had 2 assists and a -1. ( meaning he was on for 3 goals against. )  Hammer had an assist and a -2 ( Juice was out of the line up ) Ehrhoff an assist and a -1.  Sami Salo filled in well with a goal and a +1.  Ryan Clowe had a big game that night, with 2 goals, although a -1.  Welly had an assist and a +1 in 12 fun filled minutes. Joe and Marleau? Joe had 2 assists and Patty 1, while both had a +1 going.  Doug Murray ended up a -1 without Boyle, who was out that night.

Ginger Jesus was the man that night as well, stopping 44 of 48 shots. He had 19 shots on in the second, when they scored twice, and 15 in the third, when SJ got two late ones bookending Daniel's goal.  Still, he was much sharper then Niemi that night. Vancouver had 2 goals on 12 first period shots, and ended up with 28 in total that night.

There you go.  I don't know how much it means, as we all know the playoffs are a different beast.  But knowledge is power right?

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