The Wrath of the Hockey Gods

Our champions thought themselves invincible as they thought they had the heathen hawks of the east beaten. We as observers thought our champions could end the war in the home of our hated enemy. We thought it was done when their defender Seabrook fell in battle and that their battered defense would break. We thought Bolland, the one who gave us so many defeats in the past would be too weak to affect the outcome that we already set in stone.


We, observers of this epic war, committed hubris.

The hockey gods frown on hubris as it dishonors them in battles. Qualities such as hard work, respect, and fellowship are what these gods would bless with their favor and in this last bitter rout, our warriors failed. They failed in their work ethic as the little battles within the battles were lost. They lost respect for their enemy and stopped hitting when their foes fell in battle and thought the battle was won. They failed each other when the defenders of our blessed gate left the god that is Luongo alone against the heathen hordes.


It was a bitter rout and gave hope to the heathens who had thought that it was the end of them.


As an observer of our champions for many seasons past, I am well accustomed of hubris and the bitter disappointment of failure when our warriors fall in battle. I remember when our Warriors of the Northwest battled against the Trappers of the 10,000 lakes. When we had the upper hand, we committed hubris and allowed those Trappers to fight back. At the end, we lost the war and it was a sad day for all in the Northwest.


We dishonor the hockey gods when we believe our warriors have our hated enemies beaten.


Though we may have fallen out of favor in the last rout, all is not lost. The Hockey Gods favor can be regained as long as our champions remember the code that has gotten them through so many battles in this past season.


Battle to the fullest

Respect your enemy

Honor your fellowship


If our warriors follow the code that is dictated by the hockey gods then I am sure that our warriors can regain their blessed flavor.


We knew from before this war had begun, that it would be a long one. One loss is nothing if our warriors learn early of the code to honor the gods. That is why the hockey gods are fair as it humbles the strong.


Despair not my friends, and allow the heathen hawks enjoy their victory. Let them believe that they could win this war as they let loosen their ferocity in battle against us. Allow them to boast and disrespect our champions. Allow them to forget their fellowship as they attempt to charge our gates only to forsake their own defenders.


Honor the Hockey Gods or face their Wrath.

So say we all.

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