Game IV Aftermath: WTF?

The noise Torres made here is probably the same you made watching two/thirds of this game. (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

You know when you're supposed to rub a puppy's face in shit when it goes in the house? Find me one because I see 18 faces (I'm leaving the goalies out) that need such treatment before Thursday.

Complacency plus frustration mixed with a complete disregard for even the base fundamentals of what makes a team moderately successful gives you game four.

Chicago couldn't play any better and somehow I bet Vancouver could have found a way to play worse. They deserved this win before it was half over, playing with some spine and finish that Vancouver sure didn't bother aiming for. The Canucks simply embarrassed themselves even when there was still dead time to play; when your entire fourth line is in the box with misconducts, that's bush league and is light years away from what a winning team does.

Game Summary - I can't even look at it.

Box Score - Whatever.

  • This game was over with the Keith/Campbell onslaught. After that the defensive game fell apart with the Hawks forecheck and the next two goals were clockwork. 
  • No one finished in the positive except Kesler. If you're shocked, you didn't watch the game.
  • The Sedins were a combined -5 and essentially useless. Hank finished with a team worst -3, tied with Edler. Bolland wrapped them up as feared. 
  • Luongo: 22/28 shots. .786 SV%. Toss it.
  • Lapierre: there are no words, but I sort of hate you.
  • Shots were 35-23 CHI. That seems terribly generous on first glance.
  • Seven goals against with six different goal scorers. Everyone is responsible for that mess.
  • Bieksa: the anger at the end is appreciated, but that Bickell goal can't happen in real life. Imagine a different first period from that point forward if you don't get undressed. 
  • Bolland getting four points = proof positive your team stopped playing defensively.
  • Couldn't help but notice Chicago fans tossing crap on the ice at the end. I thought only our heathen fans did that? 
  • Cory Schneider: you're awesome. Never change you beautiful ginger.

No push back, no win. Let this loss burn like a thousand suns and force a new mindset, from the coaching staff on down. Game five has to be different. Focus on the return home.

To end on a positive thematic note, enjoy.

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