Canucks, and lumberjacks, lend me thy ears

As only mere hours lay away from the first of many battles with the heathen hawks of the east. I know many of you like myself are struck with anticipation and unease. Uncertainty cloud our minds and though we may say we have faith in our blessed warriors of the great northwest, deep down we remember the heart breaking losses we suffered to those heathens in years past.

Twice our champions were vanquished in battle as Kane the betrayer and part time taxi driver beater fired shots passed the shield of our god and protecter that is Luongo. In years past, the deceit of the boogyman clouded the sight of our god so that he was blinded to the betrayer's shots. We remember the savage attacks of the heathens on the gates of our city and we suffered losses that ultimately led to our defeat in those years. We waited in those long summer days wondering what could have been and how our faith in our champions were shakened. We endured the taunts of lesser men who taunt our heroes and suggest that our faith were ill placed and that the holy chalice of Lord Stanley will never come to our home and native land.

But this is our year! The cynics among us would argue that is what we say every season of battle. Each year we would hold our hearts bare and believe in the dream that our champions would bring the chalice home. Each year we would say that this is our year and each year we would suffer a collective questioning of faith. But as a Dark Knight once said, "Sometimes the people deserves to have their faith rewarded." and as we kept our faith to our champions for forty years, I believe our faith will be rewarded this year.

Our champions have never been stronger.

The mighty Gemini led the way again in battle and though the unfaithful jeered that his deeds could not be repeated, but it did proving that the Gemini are a force in battle.

The young man named Burrows fought valiently in years past and through a broken shoulder he fought against the savages. He fought in those years with pride though he could not overcome his injury and his blade could not penetrate the gates. This year, he has recovered from his wound and with the Gemini I have faith they will strike many wounds into our foes.

The Lord Kes who's previous losses gloomed darkly on his mind in summers past, trained tirelessly in his cave. While lesser men went to the green fields with sticks of iron to play, the lord brooded and remembered, trained and finally forged a weapon that has been so deadly. The wrist blade shall be unsheathed against the heathens and the lord will bring us victory.

The defenders of our gates, the six brave men who were chosen to live and die upon the steps were finally united after 82 battles. Other defenders rose to the call of duty such as the young Tanev and the one named Rome. Though they had defended valiently they could rest now that the Six has gathered to do battle with the heathens. Bodies will be thrown to the walls and onto the ice from the bear-like hips of our defenders. The Six will be strong as they stand before our shield and protector that is Luongo.

And if the unthinkable happens and our god that is Luongo falters, hope is not lost for there is another. The young Schneider with hair of flames stand behind the shield and is ready to defend our blessed gates from the betrayers and heathens.

In only hours away, our champions will battle against those heathen hawks of the east. We shall wear our cloth of the holy orca and believe in blue and green. With iced mugs in our hands we shall cheer together with our comrades and neighbours for our champions. For our faith will be rewarded after those mostly dark 40 years. The champions will be victorious and we see the light glimmering from the silver chalice of the Lord Stanley.

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