NM Players Competition Sign-up Sheet (UPDATED)

Update (12:30 am PDT April 13th):  There are only 3.5 hours left to sign up for the fantasy competitions, with the Penguins and Lightning having a scheduled start for 4:00 pm PDT this afternoon.  If you plan on pushing the time deadline, please make sure you double-check that your team follows the rules, because there are no changes allowed afterwards.  If you have already signed up, please make sure I haven't left you any notes about you having broken rules, because you only have until this deadline to correct them and avoid disqualification.
Since I have to work at 4:00 this afternoon, nucksandpucks will be closing off the submissions.  He will give you ample warning to hurry up.


It is time to make our picks.  If you are looking for the team brackets competition, see the other fanpost.  If you need to double-check which teams are in the playoffs, go here.  If you need to check how many points a certain player had in the regular season, go here.

You are allowed to pick 14 players from the 16 playoff teams.  Here are the rules for picking your team (PLEASE READ THIS, I don't want to have to disqualify anyone this year):

  • Of your 14 players, at least 3 must be defense players.
  • You are allowed to select a maximum of 2 players from each playoff team.
  • Your 14 players must combine for under 800 total regular season points.
  • No changes are allowed once the puck drops on the 1st playoff game.
  • Should it be found that, after the playoffs start, your team breaks any of the above rules, I will have to disqualify you.  This happened to a couple people last year who didn't notice the requirement for 3 defense players until after everything was final.

If you wish to participate, please post your picks in the comments section using the following format:

1. Player name (team name) - # points [examples: Chara (Bruins) - 44 D*, H. Sedin (Canucks) - 94]


14. Player name (team name) - # points

Total points: #

* Please mark off your defense players by putting a "D" at the end.  This will make it easier for me to spot whether or not you have at least 3 defense players.

During the playoffs, goals and assists are worth 1 point each.

Starting now, you have until puck drop for the first NHL playoff game on Wednesday to place your predictions.  I will post the first leaderboard at the end of the 1st round.  Good luck.

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