Nucks Misconduct Toronto meet-up - RSVP needed!


Hello again, Southern-Ontarians! It has been decided by vote that our meet-up will be March 12, which is coming up quickly. I have a couple places in mind for us to meet, but need to know how many people we will have before I can make a reservation - don't want to tell them there will be 30 of us and have five show up. As a result:

*** If you are planning to attend, I need you to please email me to confirm your attendance by Monday the 7th. My email address is:***

Please let me know how many people will be coming (feel free to bring friends or loved ones) and if you think you will be eating, drinking (alcoholic), and/or "drinking" (non-alcoholic) - I know these seem like inconsequential details, but some of the bars I have looked at want to know an estimate of what people will be purchasing.

I am trying to find us somewhere close to Union Station so we are on TTC and GO transit lines. I will also make sure to request that we are able to get sound on the game. If, for whatever reason, I am not able to find a suitable bar I will alert you all by email and we will have to simply congregate at a bar and attempt to use our collective presence to get them to put the sound on for the Canucks game. I know quite a few bars in the area that are not too busy on Saturday nights, so this is a plausible option if we cannot get  a reservation.

***Please remember to email me rather than simply posting in the comments, as I will be sending out final details by email once I have a reservation***

Two final points:

  • Missy suggested that we invite our hockey fan brethren from PPP. I think this is a solid idea, so will extend the invitation to any PPP (or other GTA-area SB Nation hockey fans) who want to come out.
  • I am aware that not everyone can make this date, which is unfortunate. But I encourage NMers to get together informally for the odd game later in the season. I would be happy to organize a mailing list for NMers/Canucks fans in Southern Ontario who are interested in trying to organize meet-ups once in a while. If you would like to be on such a mailing list please let me know.

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