Tuesday Morning Coffee- Drop The Puck, Y'all!!!!

We have been called 'Smug and preening' by bloggers of tonight's opponent for the Vancouver Canucks.  Heck, one of the Nashville Predators blogs even took exception to a photoshop we use often of Ryan Kesler's head on country music legend Johnny Cash's body.  So just to show that we're not so bad, we've included a photo of Nashville's favorite celebrity couple, the Underwoods.  Sean's pregame thread has focused on what a good team the Preds are defensively.  Some find their brand of hockey boring.  I would instead like to focus on how we're not so different, us and them.  Some say they have a chip on their shoulder, much like our fans.  If you look back, you can see a lot of similarities.

Now market wise there's no comparison.  Hockey is king in Vancouver, whereas it will never even be the 3rd biggest draw in Nashville.  That's not their fault.  Nascar and football are huge, and even their NBA team is likely more popular, though I could be wrong.  Hey, that's weird... they're called the Grizzlies.  Back to the similarities though.  Both teams started out up against it as far as competition when they entered the league.  The Canucks first playoff appearance saw them face the Montreal Canadiens in the early 70's.  Nashville entered the league in a division with the Detroit Red Wings.   Both teams have known dark times and frustration.  Both teams have a pathological hate for the Chicago Blackhawks.  And both teams can reminisce about their previous trips to the Stanley Cup Finals.  Oh, wait...

Okay, so there isn't that much in common.  And I have to hand it to Nashville fans.  Of all the Southern based NHL teams, their fanbase is as passionate and knowledgeable as any in the league.  They've had ownership issues, and the threat of moving hung over this team for a while.  I think they are gonna make it work.  They have some genuine stars in Shae Weber and Pekka Rinne.  A lot of people think that Nashville is a team that could handle the Canucks in the playoffs, some even going so far as to suggest they would wipe the floor with us.  The playoffs are a much different beast, and that PK of theirs would likely be their downfall against a team like Vancouver, no matter how good their goaltender is. 

My hope is that the Canucks get an early goal tonight, so that this game could at least have the potential of opening up a bit.  Some of their fans adamantly insist they don't play a trap style, but firewagon hockey it is not.  Some offence and the healthy dislike these two teams have for each other could make for some entertaining hockey.  And the way the previous meetings have gone, that would be a welcome change. 

Finally, all Canucks fans would like to say a hearty thank you to Shane O'Brien.  He once again suggested he would love to meet the Canucks in the first round of the playoffs.  He says that not because he feels they could beat us in a seven game series, but more likely the reason is that a series that goes the distance means 4 games in Vancouver, and more Roxy time than he's had since leaving Vancouver.  All kidding aside, the yapping means nothing.  This team is far too focused to let a guy as familiar with the press box at Rogers Arena as the dressing room get in their heads.  Looks nice on the white board, though...

Cocoa Krispies FTW

Good news for Chicago as they managed an OT win over the Detroit Red Wings last night.  The bad news?  Anaheim was playing Colorado.  The Ducks got a hat trick from Teemu Selanne to beat the Avalanche 5-4, leaving both teams in the same position they started the evening in.  Chicago is in Boston tonight, and I would expect that they will be in a much tougher position to pull out a win... The NHL is not scheduling a disciplinary hearing for Todd Bertuzzi after he was given 5 and a game last night for elbowing Chicago's Ryan Johnson.  Yeah, I'm not surprised that the NHL found a way to get people pissed over their handling of head shots again.  To be fair, a good portion of hockey fans wouldn't be happy unless Bertuzzi's punishment involved some form of castration, so it was pretty much unwinnable...

WAACH 'Cast's Band of The Day

We all know that Nashville is the country music capital of the world, and Memphis has a reputation for it's special brand of blues, but there is some kickass metal from the Volunteer State that you might wanna check out:

And the Tony Danza Tapdance Experience get two songs, because a) that's one of the best band names ever and b) this songtitle says it all

And did you know that guitar god Yngwie J. Malmsteen used to live in Nashville?  It's true!

Of course, some Tennessee metal is better left forgotten.  Steeler vocalist Ron Keel went on to give us this... *Disclaimer- Rumour has it that the author of this article has this album on vinyl...

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