The Cory Schneider Rosterbation Thread

We all know that our Ginger Jesus won't stay in Vancouver, barring a personal desire on his part to accept a smaller salary and back up minutes for the majority of his career to play partially in Roberto Luongo's shadow. Stranger things have happened, and that would make me happier than can be, as I love Schneider's play and character, but I also am realistic. He will be moved. But to a team which needs a young starter who has shown he is up to the task of being the go-to guy. Teams which only need back ups won't give up the assets that Cory is worth and thus present the worst possible destinations.
So where? Let's look at each team... 


Philly: This, to me, seems one of the most logical destinations. Philly has for some time now, lacked some consistency in the No 1 goalie spot. If Boucher/Brobovsky can't get it done in the playoffs, this only makes a team like Philly more likely to give up an asset for a young, talented goalie who can log starter's minutes. They also have depth, thus assets which can be moved to acquire someone like Cory. However they do already have a young goalie with potential (Brobovsky) and thus may not be willing to bring in a stud like Schneider just yet, which would signal them possibly giving up on Schneider. Canuckles Schnieder Move-o-Meter Ranktm: 7.5/10*

*Provided Philly doesn't romp to a cup.

Washington: Another sound spot for the Ginger saviour. Washington is another team which really needs stability in goal. That being said, they lack the depth that Philly has (thus moveable assets) and also have the same problem of possessing young talent in net (more than Philly, in fact) which they likely won't want to give up on. Canuckles Schnieder Move-o-Meter Ranktm: 5.5/10. 

Boston: Schnieder's hometown, Boston would be a great place for Schnieder to move to and would likely become a fan favourite very quickly, problem is, they have an oft-contending Vezina trophy winner who he would have to timeshare with. Moving Schnieder to Boston would mean Tuuka Rask leaving town (wise?) and Schneider moving into a slightly more worked back-up role until Tim Thomas retires, basically the same situation Schneider is in here. That being said, Thomas is 37 and likely cannot keep up his performance much longer, so Schneider would be primed to take over much sooner than in Vancouver. Canuckles Schnieder Move-o-Meter Ranktm: 7/10

Pittsburgh: Ummmmmm the pens have Marc-Andre Fleury, an established young starter who has already won a cup and is even younger than Roberto Luongo, who Cory Schnieder would have to play second fiddle to. No. Canuckles Schnieder Move-o-Meter Ranktm: 0/10

Tampa Bay: The Lightening have gone through goalies this year faster than a visiting troupe of sailors goes through a house of ill repute. They have some young talent which is moveable, and could use a solid, young starting goaltender to provide stability behind their porous back end. They also have Dwayne Roloson to continue Roberto's mentoring of Cory, but from the position of a reliable, vetern back-up, rather than from the position of Uber-Elite Top Starting Goaltender. Tampa is also in the opposing conference and so is probably one of the most logical destinations for Schneider to end up at. Canuckles Schnieder Move-o-Meter Ranktm: 9.5/10

Montreal: Carey Price has re-established himself. The Habs need a back up, not another young stud starter. No way Schneider ends up there. Canuckles Schnieder Move-o-Meter Ranktm: 0/10

New York Rangers: Henrik Lundquist is a slightly younger version of Roberto Luongo. The Rangers won't be looking for Schneider. Canuckles Schnieder Move-o-Meter Ranktm: 0/10

Buffalo: Ryan Miller. Canuckles Schnieder Move-o-Meter Ranktm: -1/10

Carolina: Cam Ward is a young, highly forgotten top netminder. Schneider is not needed here and won't be going here. Canuckles Schnieder Move-o-Meter Ranktm: 0/10

Toronto: Before James Reimer's emergence, the chances here were pretty decent. But the fact that the Buds seem to have found someone to rely on, they will likely not be looking for help, at least until next year if Reimer falls flat on his face. There still is a chance that Brian Burke decides he doesn't trust Reimer just yet, but it's a small one. Canuckles Schnieder Move-o-Meter Ranktm: 2/10

Atlanta: Could be a good spot if the Thrashers decide against Pavelec, for whatever reason. He was expected to be a phenom, and did play well, but I think he wasn't quite as amazing as they had hoped. That being said, I think expectations were a little high for someone as young and as inexperienced as he. Also, the whole team not doing so hot down the stretch contributed to that dive. I don't seem them giving up on him just quite yet. Canuckles Schnieder Move-o-Meter Ranktm: 2/10

New Jersey: New Jersey could be the spot. Marty Brodeur will likely be retiring soon (See Tim Thomas) and has been time sharing a lot more with Johan Hedberg this year. Schneider makes sense here as he can time share with another experienced and successful netminder and then take the reigns when Brodeur retires in the next year or two. The devils do have some assets to move (commence Section 312 orgasming over the thought of getting Parise) and Schneider positions them in goal for some time to come. Canuckles Schnieder Move-o-Meter Ranktm: 9/10

New York Islanders: The Islanders apparently have quite a few good, young goalies and their Goalie of the Future (lol) Rick DiPietro. I would hate to see Schneider here, as I don't want to see him injured and i don't want to see him lose every game. The Islanders have a lot of young assets to move and Schneider would be a great fit for a developing team, but they are so messed up at goal, I don't know. That being said, I can't rule out a trade to the Islanders because Charles Wang is batshit crazy. Canuckles Schnieder Move-o-Meter Ranktm: 6/10

Florida: The Panthers need a goalie, with Vokun an impending UFA possibly going the Nabokov route. But they don't seem to be that interested in rebuilding and making deals that, you know, make sense. I also don't know what they could realistically offer the Canucks in return (since, really, we already have all their good players and they have already taken on all our dead weight). Again though, I can't rule them out, as the GMs there seem to have a genetic pre-disposition to getting  fleeced by the Canucks. Canuckles Schnieder Move-o-Meter Ranktm: 3/10

Ottawa: The Sens just signed Craig Anderson to a long-term starter's deal. I don't think they will be on the market for another starter, they've got their man (I think). Canuckles Schnieder Move-o-Meter Ranktm: 1/10


Vancouver: Schneider is immensely popular here and has played very well. He's given Lu both the rest and push he's needed to look like the top goalie in the league again. But Schneider is a stud starter-prospect, not a back up and I don't see a time-share in the near future, given the size of Lu's contract. Schneider would need to accept a big pay cut to take this on, and swallow his pride. Even though he's very popular here, he's still No 2 to Roberto Luongo, as about 98% of all other goalies in the league would be. There is a chance he stays for another year, but it's not big. The Canucks want something in return besides offer sheet compensation. Canuckles Schnieder Move-o-Meter Ranktm: 1/10

Detroit: Low chance. The Wings are going to be Canuck rivals for the next few seasons and they have Jimmy Howard who has looked solid (if not spectacular). Sure, Schneider is probably a better goalie than Howard, but will Mike Gillis realistically move a top goaltending prospect to a direct cup competitor? Canuckles Schnieder Move-o-Meter Ranktm: 1/10

San Jose: The Sharks have their man in Antti Niemi, signing him to the multi-year deal he was hoping for in Chicago. They are also a competitor to the Canucks in the Cup derby and will be for the next little while. Canuckles Schnieder Move-o-Meter Ranktm: 1/10

Winnipeg Phoenix: With Ilya Bryzgalov an impending UFA, there is a possibility that the the Dogs take a chance on a young prospect and save a few bucks, letting Bryz walk and become another Nabokov. (asking for too much and ending up outside of NA) They have some assets (Yandle, anyone?) and could likely swing a deal. That being said, another top Western team competing with Vancouver means Gillis really needs a good deal here. Canuckles Schnieder Move-o-Meter Ranktm: 5/10

Los Angeles: The Kings have two young goalies who are hitting stride. I am still not sold on Jon Quick, but I do see him coming along. I don't see them wanting to pick up a starter right now, when they have a solid starter now and a prospect who has shown promise. Canuckles Schnieder Move-o-Meter Ranktm: 0/10

Nashville: Schneider for Weber. Done! </SmugPreeningOddlyCanadian> The Nashville Underwoods have Pekka RInne, a huge goalie who is pretty good at hockey. Don't need Schneider, won't give up assets for him. Canuckles Schnieder Move-o-Meter Ranktm: 0/10

Anaheim: An interesting storyline, Jonas Hiller looks physically suspect this year and Ray Emery takes on the job. Spot for an up-and-coming stud netminder? Nope, the Ducks are going to keep going with Hiller, who will recover and is solid. No need, no assets, direct rival and Corey Perry is a douchebag. Canuckles Schnieder Move-o-Meter Ranktm: 0/10

Chicago: The Hawks are liking Corey Crawford, who figures to be the man next year and they are a direct rival of the Canucks. Nope, no ginger saviour to be spotted in the windy city. Canuckles Schnieder Move-o-Meter Ranktm: 0/10

Dallas: A possibility. Kari Lehtonen was not the saviour they expected. Dallas has some assets (not much though) to move and could be interested in a quality young netminder to (re)build around. Canuckles Schnieder Move-o-Meter Ranktm: 5/10

Calgary: With Mikka Kiprusoff firmly entrenched there, I don't see them wanting Cory Schneider. And moving him to a divisional foe? Canuckles Schnieder Move-o-Meter Ranktm: 0/10

Minnesota: See Calgary above, except with Nik Backstrom. Canuckles Schnieder Move-o-Meter Ranktm: 0/10

Columbus: An interesting proposition arose at the Cannon, which suggested that Schneider's relationship with Head Coach Scott Arneil, who Schneider heaps credit for his play on, could be of note. There is a chance that this would work, but with Steve Mason there, I wonder. Mason is young, has shown potential and bringing in Schneider would create a time-share with some controversy, as the Jackets would be putting Mason on notice. Schneider will be a starter somewhere, not a 1a backup. Then you have to ask, who do the Jackets move? Canuckles Schnieder Move-o-Meter Ranktm: 5/10

St Louis: In the off-season, the Blues picked up Jaroslav Halak and signed him to a multi year deal. He hasn't lived up his billing as the next Christ, but I don't think the Blues are ready to give up on him just quite yet, and bringing in Schneider would be a signal they are about to do that. Canuckles Schnieder Move-o-Meter Ranktm: 1/10

Colorado: With the movement of Craig Anderson and Chris Stewart, the Avs hit the implode button, but also opened up a possibility of picking up Schneider. Their goaltending is garbage right now, behind what I would describe generously as an atrocious defence. They want to rebuild and Schneider is a very good piece to pick up. They also have some young assets to move and maybe even a draft pick. Problem: divisional foe, though mitigated by them being in a completely different league. Canuckles Schnieder Move-o-Meter Ranktm: 7/10

Edmonton: Similar to the Avs, the Oil are rebuilding and a logical spot and despite being a divisional foe of the Canucks, are just not competitors right now. Big difference? They have goaltending prospects who aren't completely awful. But they still could be interested and have lots of young assets.Canuckles Schnieder Move-o-Meter Ranktm: 4/10


Conclusion: Tbay, Philly or Jersey in the East are all logical, good destinations for Schneider. In the west? Really only Colorado.

Before all the haters start hating, this is my assessment based on the highly reliable Personal OpinionTM system of analysis. Ok, haters, do yer hatin'

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