Can We Swagger Yet? No? OK, Just Checking.

I know as well as any Canuck fan how this team has not won a Cup. Have lived through both runs ( '82 I was 19 and had just moved to Vancouver from the Interior, and had lived downtown for about 8 years by the time '94 rolled around )

I get it. I have some family and friends that still claim to be Leaf and Hab fans while calling the Canucks their "2nd team" ( hate that  I like all hockey, and enjoy some other teams more than others, but there is only room for one team for me. )

This year seems different though.With 8 games left, and leading by 10 over the Wings ( I know right?!), having a different Sedin making his personal assault on the record books, and everything else this team leads in....

Can we swagger...just a bit? 

With good humour and grace, of course. We aren't savages.

There is nothing wrong with saying you think you are good if you are. Its just the truth then. The Canucks, by virtue of dominating the scoring race, the plus minus race,(individuals) the GAA as a team, the power play, the penalty kill, scoring 5 on 5, and just about whatever else you can think of...You get the idea.  Might I add that is with the team that also leads the league with playing more different players in a season due to injuries.  One without some pretty damn good talent as well.

Like last night, against a team dealing with injuries so bad even Babcock tried to use it as a reason ( a valid one, they were down a whole line.) Its no Datsyuk, but Edler is the #1 D'man on a deep blue line, and Malhotra's nickname is Money because he is. He is a leader. Samuellson is not a total bum either.


So, swagger is OK when it's true.  We've tried everything else to get the elusive Cup, and I get that people give the old "No Cups" jibe to Canuck fans. In past years, it might even be true.  No apologies for that either. Nothing wrong with loving your team.   That is something Canucks fans definitely do.

But this year, this time, is not the past.  People that talk of it like its going to happen again because it happened before is illogical, and irrational.

This year, the Canucks are the favorite because they are the best team in the NHL. It does not guarantee a thing.

But we are trying something new.  This year, its "swagger MFer swagger".  Tried the other ways. This way is more fun.

So far.

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