Well, THAT Was Fun.

Tonight's game against the Coyotes will mean little in the final standings. To the Canucks. To the Coyotes, it could be decisive.

In a game some will call staid and unappealing, and others will say tense and fun to watch if you like the goalies, it was a controversial call by Mr Sutherland. Not worthy of a game misconduct, and barely worthy of a double minor at most.. Hopefully GMMG can help AMFB get that rescinded from his record. Fine upstanding member of the fraternity that he is.  And all around good guy too, of course.

I'm of the latter, usually.  It was a pretty defensive battle, but that's OK by me. Nothing wrong with watching defensive hockey. There seemed to be some of our media that differ.  I can totally understand if some did not find it an entertaining game.

That is what happens when both teams are dropping 4 and 5 guys to the slot and pucks are bouncing off guys.  It was defensive. I'm fine with it. You watch enough hockey, you get these games sometimes. Not everything is like those games earlier in the year with the Wings and Sharks, for instance.  To say nothing of 3 of 4 with the Hawks.

After two scoreless periods and a highly entertaining but futile 5 on 3 PP by the Canucks that saw Jason Labarbera make some saves that made you wonder if the Metallica fan and all around WAACH'CAST fan was trying to send that message that you get from ex players some times.  He ended up with 46 saves or something.  I knew the Canucks had the territorial edge. But did you see him out of position or flailing? He had a great game. Message received Barberella..

" I liked living there dude, why'd you let me go man?"  We got it.

The Yotes did lead the PP score with 3-2, and increased that to 4 before the Canucks got their two man advantage.  How these guys can not have a goal at that advantage yet is kinda funny at this point. Though AV did mention that he thought the Canucks might lead the league as the team with the least amount of that time.

Of course the Burrows call was wrong.  Sekeres story tonight said that Fiddler did leave the bench, but if you follow Botch on Twitter, you know that he says he was cleared on the bench. We do have to remember that they are going to have a few more days like this as the new rules are digested and whatnot. But I would think Sutherland probably has a quiet word with Fiddler at the earliest opportunity.  He won't do an Auger of course, he is, like Burr mentioned afterwards, one of the best in the biz.  But if he truly is, he will know he got at least a "little hoodwinked" tonight.

Shit happens.

Kudos to the visitors for taking advantage of the the opportunity with two pretty good screened goalie, classic PP goals. Ehrhoff scoring only made it easier for an empty netter to close it out.

Coyotes vs Canucks boxscoreCoyotes vs Canucks recapFive For Howling

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