It's Time to Hold Deficit Dan Responsible for His Game Play


Hamhuis, aren't you supposed to be our amazing number one penalty killer? You know you have to keep goals out even strength too, right?

Tonight's game was great overall. Canucks got the win, that's good. But, I am sure we could have done better. PP from the forwards was terrible again, especially Samuelsson. He definitely has to make the right choice and pass to the player that is open. His options were right there plain to see if he had chosen to look. No, he chose to shoot when the best option was to pass to the open defenceman on the right since the Sharks defenceman had his back turned to the play and Ehrhoff had a clear shot. His reluctancy to pass to the D is killing the PP. The coaches should never put a fourth forward on the PP, I was hoping they would have learned that from last season with Raymond at the point. Salo and Ehrhoff have the hardest shots and the best chance of getting a cannon shot in the net. Rebound chances off of those two are more likely due to their superior offensive skill. We need two defencemen on the PP who can hold the puck in at the line and not cause shorthanded breakaways. Samuelsson obviously cannot accomplish this.

But there's always someone to blame for goals against, apparently. Hamhuis let three goals go in the net right past him today. (Not to mention that goal he let in against Nashville that cost us the game.) He needs to stop playing weak and try to be a lot more physical. I really don't expect him to be throwing people around or even close to anything like that, because in reality, he's very small. Maybe an inch bigger than Ballard, I'll give him that. And he's definitely not a top-liner.

He was brought in to play the role of a defensive defenceman taking over Mitchell's role. With the coaches trying to have all of the defencemen be offensive minded the defence has weakened.

Maybe lift some more weights, if you're able, so you can push people away from our goal, make bigger hits, and do real hipchecks. Bending underneath players and flipping them does not equal hipchecks. How did you forget how to hipcheck?

So far you haven't shown your best game ability as you did in Nashville playing much more solid defence. This makes your salary too high for your accomplishments.

Being from B.C. does not automatically grant you rights to being called the best D-man. You have to earn it.

But, obviously that is not the mindset of the people of B.C. That to me is an embarrassment being a lifelong resident of this beautiful city.

I would think that the blatant favouritism would shame you. You do realize that when you make errors even glaring ones, they are hush hushed. And everything else you do is praised as a parent praises a child for a small achievement. Does this not make you feel guilty receiving "special treatment"?

BTW, those dance moves are awesome.

I believe you can show your best potential once again Hamhuis, but you've got a helluva lot to improve.

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