Your Morning Coffee- Tuesday Mar 1

As the smoke clears on what was certainly an interesting Trade Deadline Day, the jury remains out on whether or not the Canucks, who made two moves just under the wire yesterday, actually improved the team.  Yes there certainly was a need for an experienced, gritty 4th line center, and the Canucks don't appear to have given up too much for either Maxim Lapierre or Chris Higgins.  The question is, especially in the case of Lapierre: In a season where character and focus on playing whistle to whistle has been the rule of law, what exactly was GM Mike Gillis thinking in bringing in Matt Cooke's heir apparent?  More after the jump...

He's a pest.  He lacks focus.  He takes needless, often stupid penalties.  And he's been known to make vicious, dirty hits.  So why exactly is Maxim Lapierre now a Canuck?  Yes, he has some skills, playoff experience and is physical, and on hockey skill alone seems to fit the bill.  But it's the intangibles that worry me.  He already acknowledged that he would have to change his style to fit in on the Canucks, and every pundit from yesterday said as much.  GMMG and Alain Vigneault would need to let him know how things are done here in Vancouver.  All you have to do is look at Ryan Kesler and Alexandre Burrows for proof.  Both players were told by management to drop the yapping and focus more on the actual game and the Canucks are reaping the rewards from this.  So is March really the time to take on this kind of a project? 

Yes they added a couple pieces down the stretch, and many would have been satisfied if the 1st place Canucks stayed the course, and not have to worry about upsetting what appears to be a team with great chemistry.  I suppose the argument could be made that with all of the injuries on the defence over the last couple months, the addition of numerous callups dismantles that theory.  But adding pieces from the organization is not the same as adding outsiders.

Not gonna lie here folks.  I loathe Lapierre.  It's a real struggle to accept someone like this on my favorite team.  I am fearful he's not capable of changing his spots, and will be a detriment to the squad.  While I will hardly become his biggest fan, he's going to have to do more than stay out of the penalty box to win me over.  Is that fair?  Probably not, but with the high expectations surrounding the Canucks this season, he's being graded on a curve. 

Lapierre makes his Canucks debut tonight at Rogers Arena as they take on the Columbus Blue Jackets.  One of many teams fiercely battling for a playoff spot in the Western Conference, their 7-2-1 record over the last 10 is keeping them in the hunt.  They always battle the Canucks hard, and with the possibility of making the playoffs for just the 2nd time in franchise history you know they're playing every game like their lives depend on it.  Because of the logjam in the West, the Canucks will be facing a ton of these types of opponents over the next couple weeks.  I think this is a great way to get them prepared for the post-season as they get healthy and back on track.  Much is being made of the Canucks playing a stretch of .500 hockey, but when you consider the injuries they've had, and the high level they've played at since early November it's hardly a shock. 

Your second cup...

It really says a lot about the impact of social media, especially Twitter on the game of hockey when you consider the thing people are talking most about is the confusion and chaos created by the reporting of fake trades than any particular deal.  While there are some MSM people who have embraced Twitter and use it well, some of these 'journalists' are still clueless.  Their inability to get it, tied in with prejudices against bloggers and those who are active in social media is interesting to say the least... Best moment from yesterday?  The avalanche of 'Best Wishes in Long Island' tweets aimed at new Leaf Joffrey Lupul, instigated by Down Goes Brown.  He was a great sport about it, and it provided some levity in a day where it was sorely needed... So let's say you're the president of an NHL team.  Your club is having another losing season and you decide to blow it all up and rebuild.  You might not want to get into a Twitter pissing match with one of your two beat writers.  Just sayin'...

WAACH 'Cast's Band Of The Day- DESTRUCTION

Along with Kreator and Sodom, Destruction are one of the founding fathers of the German metal scene, still going strong too, I might add.  Their most recent album 'Day Of Reckoning' is out now and has cracked the top 100 albums in their homeland.  Here's the first clip off the new album along with some gems from their illustrious career:

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