Off Day Musings ; Special Ginger Edition

I have not met them all myself, but from admittedly, "sometimes it's lighting" visual evidence, I would put our Ginger Quotient here in Vancouver at about six. That is almost one third of the team. It is perhaps what is so off putting to fans from other teams, playing against so many with "no souls". ( And several who play like they sold their souls if you listen to those same fans! ) All I know is that the guys with the red hair are a few of the big reasons for the latest streak. Winning is fun huh?

So, let us take a look at how they are doing to date. After the little bar thingie...

( I'm just coming down with the flu right now if the antihistamine kicks in...welllll....)

First and foremost has to be The Daywalker. Cory Schneider. Currently ( its early though, he is third in save %, fifth in GAA), has 2 S/Os and is playing in the zone. While you all know how big of a Roberto Luongo fan I am, I would not be surprised in the least if he starts against the Predators. It is a maxim of coaching to ride these kind of hot streaks. (Edit ; TEAM just told me that AV told them that he is starting the next game. #RidetheStreak ) It is how guys like Jim Carey rise like a phoenix and then fade away. Brian Boucher holds the record for consecutive S/O's. How many teams has he played for again? How many teams would be burning incense on the alter of Jacques Palnte for the same "problem" the Canucks supposedly have? You can hear him from this morning here.

As an aside, I just watched the practice that was broadcast on CDC today. Some observations... AV definitely is the man, but he has Bowness and Brown running a fair amount of the drills. I am continually amazed at the athletic level these guys play at. They seemed to be having fun, and while their were some drills that were not game type ones, a lot of the drills were line rushes. 2 on 1's, 2 on 2's, 3 on 2's. In those drills, it was Luongo that was stoning far more guys. He looked really good.

It was Mason Raymond with Cody Hodgson and Jannik Hansen on several drills that I noticed. How about that for a third line though huh? If he and Silent G can get some chemistry going...look out.

If it means anything, it was Schneider that left the ice first, and in the 2 on 0's that they did on Luongo after that, he let in one goal before the screen went black. Not to keep pumping Lui's tires, but it sure looked like his play will be solid when he finally gets back in the crease.

Thing One and Two is my favorite other fans' nickname for the Sedins. Daniel and Henrik, in addition to being the leaders, Art Ross winners, and all around classy guys in the community, they have decided to play with everyone's minds a bit and change it up this year. Henrik is the scorer, and Daniel is the one with the assists. Some games other teams can mitigate their influence on the game, but you cannot shut these guys down for long. With Daniel getting his first goal in eight games last night, maybe he gets back to being the shooter. Either way, it seems they might put paid to the assertion that if you check them with the idea that Henrik is going to just try to pass to his brother all the time, you might have success. Always getting better those guys. Thanks again Brian Burke. ( Daniel is tied for 4th in points as of today. He is second in assists in the NHL, with Henrik tied with others for fifth, as well as being tied with others for sixth overall in points. )

David Booth might just make it in under the Ginger category, or by the strictest definition, no. Ask your hairdresser. Either way, it may be time to put another opinion to bed in regards to the newest Canuck. Last night, he basically said it himself that he was trying to do too much when he got here. It is no surprise that his production and better play has happened as Ryan Kesler has gotten back into KesLord mode, as well as the continued excellence of Christopher Higgins. I am disappointed in one thing though. We have a few nicknames for the line he is on, but has anyone come up with anything other than Grizzly?

Is Dale Weise another Ginger up close, but not on TV? Hard to say, but while it was the big news out of practice that Mase was on the 3rd line, it looks like it is Aaron Volpatti that drops out. The man does play his role well on most nights, and while the hands show flashes, maybe now that Mad Max and Malhotra are the linemates, pressure that should result in chances won't die on #54's stick.

There might be some doubt on a couple of the guys above, but there is none when it comes to the Ginger waiting in the wings, Alexander Sulzer. Bright red and with a beard to boot, our latest German looked solid when he was in, and while it was Aaron Rome practicing in Sami Salo's place today, his presence is welcome depth and more red hair to stand out in the room after practice.

Meanwhile, as I write this and the news of the day comes out, it seems that the TEAM guys are absolutely LOVING this. After Roberto came out and very politely said "I get the appetite for it, but honestly, I am totally OK with it, and happy for Cory. It is all about the team, and we are winning..." basically I am paraphrasing, but listen to Mike Gillis yesterday for how the team feels. Roberto was all about the team today, and Mathew Sekeres decided to say he was "prickly", etc. He then went on to mention they can "say" what they want, but IT IS ( you know, because he says it is...) a big deal because Gillis signed Luongo long term...blah blah blah.

You know that hyperbole is never going to be muted in this market, especially when listening to 1040! But honestly, as much they want to make this into a story, AV is doing what every coach in every league would do. He is riding the streak. Though, just imagine if we get to next Thursday in Montreal and the hometown boy is not the starter. HNIC will probably implode!

GINJA POWAH!!!! #ridethestreak

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