Game 25: Predators vs Canucks Preview: Welcome Back MayRay! My Top 10 Mason Raymond Goals


This will be the Game Preview Post. You can put your predictions in the comments section. With MayRay playing for sure against the Preds, I can finally publish this post. It has been in draft for over a week and took a long time to put together.

Mason Raymond. A rock star of sorts. The ladies gasp at this looks. His boyish charm. He can dazzle with his talent and blazing speed. He is a workhorse. He is gritty despite his smaller stature. Ballsy. Even so, he struggled last season after a 25-goal, 53 point performance in 82 games 2 seasons ago. We have not seen MayRay since Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Finals after he was piledriven into the boards by Johnny Boychuk, suffering a broken vertebrae. Now, the gritty speedster is ready to return to the Canucks' lineup and you know what? I am excited about it. Raymond has a lot

to prove. He needs to prove that 2009-10 was not a one-time monster performance in a contract year. I am excited about his potential addition to the Ryan Kesler-Booth/Higgins line. Even more motivation for David Booth to earn top 6 minutes....I think Raymond will force him to challenge for that spot or vice versa. More healthy internal competition works for me.

But before the streaky one returns I want to provide a Mason Raymond Top 10 goals scored in a Canucks uniform video list. You know, just to build some hype. Ready? GO!

10. January 2011: I don't like putting shootout goals on a list, but when you do a spinaroonie...well...I'll make an exception:

9. October 2010: Not many style points on this one, but you don't see this very often:

8. Sweet solo effort against the Habs (October 2009):

7. Speed kills, mofo (Feb. 2008)

6. Nice hand-eye here against the Flames (December 2007):

5. December 2010: A shorthanded goal against the Flames. He would get his 2nd career NHL hat trick on this night...against the Flames again:

4. Sweet deke on a 2 on 1 (December 2009):

3. December 2009: Raymond makes Kipper look bad with a "shot" from center ice. Classic Flames fail + MayRay's first hat trick came on this night:

2. Wow what a shot! (October 2008) Tommy has an orgasm.

1. Shifty little bugger. This is a beauty, and gets my vote for #1 (February 2008):

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