Mike Chen's Early Review of NHL 11, Plus Pandemonium At Metrotown For Sedin Signing/NHL 11 Launch

Mike Chen played the demo version of NHL 11 and wrote a post at From The Rink of his and other gaming sites' opinion of EA Sport's latest NHL gaming installment. A fair bit of pro's and con's for NHL 11 yet high ratings from major gaming sites. Personally, I buy every EA Sports NHL series and this year will be no different. If you have bought the game let us know what your opinions are of it in the comments section. I'll be lucky to get a copy tomorrow. 

On to the Sedin signing at EB Games at Metrotown tonight. I saw a bunch of tweets tonight that had me laughing, more or less,

because I wrote a post about the Sedins not being rock stars earlier today, yet people flocked to the mall to meet them. Here are a few tweets of note to summarize the event:


17:50: Ooooh the scoop from @vancitybuzz is that you can't line up before 8pm 

18:48: The Sedins signing autographs at EB at Metrotown at 9. There's a huge line outside the mall already. 


18:52: WTF apparently sedins are only signing the game covers!? Not jerseys? And no personal stuf?? #Canucks

19:06: my thoughts exactly! was once excited but drama is a BIG buzzkill RT: @meonfire11: Wow this is so stupid&unorganized #NHL11 #Canucks #Sedins

19:21: Please Retweet...there is no line for the Sedins at 8pm its a rush for the doors...haha asked me not to tell the lines..

19:51: Line up for Sedins' signing is like Granville St. during the Olympics. 


21:19: Natalie told me she needed to go piss- in the middle of a mob waiting for the sedins

21:32: Ridiculous, 30 minutes past 9 and the Sedins aren't even here!!

21:45: @Miss604 the sedins event at metrotown is extremely disorganized and someone couldve been hurt when metro security said "run to get in line"

22:30: My beautiful NHL11 cover signed by the Sedins:


22:30: screw u metrotown eb games for horrible organization for the sedins signing. the lineup was fine but then the mob at entrance

22:56: Waited 4.5 hours for daniel and henrik sedins autograph + limited edition sedin cover for nhl 11 = worth the wait!

23:05: I left the moshpit to see the Sedins. I arrived at Metro wayyy early. Went from being 10th person there to 1000th. #Canucks

23:20: Holy crap I am so tired. So many people pushiing and shoving....I feel so violated. Lol so worth it though, I love the sedins. :) #canucks

Sounds like mayhem to me. Glad I missed it.

23:35: It was absolute chaos at metro. Lines turned into a big mob. But after 3 hours, I got to meet the Sedins!

23:45: Just remember, if you didnt get the Sedins today, I have several #autographs of them for sale on my site:

00:41: Waited for 3 hours in the rain to see the sedins. Got right in front of the door, and they stopped letting people in. UHG! :@

01:09: Sedins signing was disorganized and potentially dangerous. Please assure fans lead organizers will be fired/reprimanded @VanCanucks #Canucks

Thank you Metropolis at Metrotown on Facebook:


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