Why GoodKeith, a great American, loves the Vancouver Canucks

I know it's late to the party for me but I have been thinking hard about this because I really want it to mean something to this fantastic community. So here we go.

1. Home country advantage

I have been up to Canada to specifically watch the Vancouver Canucks play four times. Once in 2003 with my college against the Thrashers, once in 2006 with my buds against the Wild (where we almost got reamed by a city bus), once in 2008 for the Luongo injury game (watched from afar, in Speakeasy bar) and once in 2009 (LA Kings game). The Canucks, amazingly, are 4-0-0 when I go to their turf and watch them make their money while I spend my hard earned cash. Also getting to the game is amazing -- train ride along the coast. Can't beat that.

2. Solidarity

I'm a fan of Seattle sports teams. We haven't won anything we can brag about since before I was born, way back in 1979 (Sonics NBA Champions). Seeing as Canucks fans haven't gotten their names engraved on the cup just yet we can help each other deal with it, and when someone finally wins something we'll celebrate like college kids.

3. David Stern and Seattle City Council

But wait, you say, isn't David Stern the NBA's commissioner? Yes he is.

Aren't these linked to the NBA? Yes they are. You see, their powers combined, they both gave Clay Bennett the thought to move my beloved Supersonics out of Seattle (Stern) and actually caved in the legal part (City of Seattle) so the Green and Gold of the Emerald City was flushed out. (View my immediate response here.) Instead of watching the NBA and getting half-heartedly re-involved with that system of business, I decided to turn my attention to the honesty of hockey -- a game where you could legitimately punch someone without people being scared of what the kids thought. Also I realllllllllly wanted to deck a few people after the Sonics left. So thank you, Canucks, for filling my winter sports void. (Somewhat.)

4. Garth Butcher's family

This one's kind of a reach to explain, but I went to school with Matt Butcher, who's a pretty cool kid and still says hello to me despite being on the brink of fame. I am the video coordinator for a high school soccer team where I have made videos for two of Garth's kids. And one day I was on a sideline and I happened to meet Garth Butcher, who, twenty seconds after I introduced myself to him, called me "Kyle." Knowing what I do about Garth, I let it slide. Also, apparently, my brother's wife is managing his financial accounts and he's smart with money and his investments.

5. The city and community surrounding the Canucks

First of all, this community makes me laugh and makes me think. It's great fun hanging out in here and digesting a game especially when the Canucks fans around my city and location are sparse, to say the least. (Though I heard there's a bar around that will show all the Canucks games. Cool.) Also it's great going to Vancouver, where nobody really knows who I am, and hanging out in that city, taking in the views, and just being able to escape what I'm used to for a chance to go to The Garage and get crazy over the Canucks, a hockey team that's got a whole heck of a lot to love.

(Honorable mentions: Ryan Kesler, the 2010 Olympic Hockey Tournament, chip on Vancouver's shoulder, hockey sweaters)


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