Beantown lawyered them Toronto folk right and good!

So if anyone followed the PPP plagiarism brouhaha over the weekend, I would just like to point out that I lawyered their asses, and though they kept throwing the shit at me, I was right the whole time, and PPP himself has now gone and admitted such...

(From a comment to this post):

To Beantown Canuck

You are right in that we should have asked permission to post our translation as it stands. I was completely unaware of that fact but SBN’s lawyer has informed the hockey bloggers (because we’re more likely to do translations) that there are some steps we should be taking.

However, the fact remains that the inspiration for the story AND the actual translation was stolen from this site without attribution. Now, you can characterize someone standing up in order to see the right thing done as ‘whiny’ and that’s your own opinion.

Trying to create a moral equivalency between ignorance of the proper procedure (sorry, not a trained reporter) and outright theft is disturbing from someone that is supposedly trained as a lawyer. Then again, all I need to do is look at your screen name to know that you are likely the same kind of person that defended Todd Bertuzzi’s physical assault on Steve Moore because “Moore hit Naslund high”.

So this FanPost serves the purposes of general gloating and high-horsed-ness.  EPIC WIN!

Here was my response by the way, and since this entire post serves no purpose other than me gloating and getting to act dickish because I feel like it, I just want to point out that I'm rather pleased with my response, too:

For the record, I was never trying to say the acts are morally equivalent. I think what Fuller/Sun did was worse than what you guys did, as far as initial acts are concerned. My beef with you guys was about your reaction to the mess, in light of the fact that, though I believe you when you say you were unaware, you weren’t exactly playing by the rules either. If you’re going to point fingers at people, and your own house isn’t clean, well then I’m gonna call you words like ‘whiny’. Sorry!

And nice ad hominem to close. You stay classy, San Diego. You and Zona have fun dry-humping each other at the bottom of the league :)

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