Numbers: From Grim to Glee

[Ed note: Great fanpost for a first timer. Be sure to jump in on the poll.]

It's that time of year again!

The Vancouver Canucks are on the move towards the cup run we all desperately seek. So lets get into some numbers that will make everything that much more exciting.

Number One is  15

15 games remaining in the regular season.Vancouver Canucks schedule A number that will be gone before you know it. Of these 15 games remaining in the season it leads me to the next number on my list.

Number Two is 10

This is one of my favourite numbers when talking Nucks. Not only is this the original number of my personal favourite Nuck player, but it also happens to be the year we are in. The year we finally take that step into the upper echelon of hockey and maybe bring home Lord Stanley. These 10 games at home will go a long way to solidifying our division and also give us a chance at maybe a 2 seed or dare I say it the 1 seed. Before I get ahead of myself I will say I do realize we are 10 pts out of first but stranger things have happened.

Number Three is 2.36

This is Andrew Raycroft's GAA. I am astonished that Luongo is not the the team leader in this category as most are.Vancouver Canucks stats However I also understand the loss of  Kevin Bieksa and Willie Mitchell as well as other injuries including his own. Have contributed to an average by Roberto Luongo standards season. But has anyone else got the same read off Lou all year I have? That he is looking ahead to bigger and better things? I get the sense from his demeanor his comments and his rye sense of humour that we haven't seen the best of him. Take the Olympics for example he waited for his opportunity quietly and patiently amidst all the "he has never won anything" talk. And when the 2010 Olympic gold medal game.  was all said and done? From the moment his skates touched the ice against Germany in the qualification game a calmness came over me as a Canadian. As Nuck fans you all probably got that same feeling, it continued right to the end. When Luongo is in net trust me the players get that SAME feeling. They all know what he has been thinking about all year (except for a two week stretch in February) So Chicago...if we meet again in the playoffs this year don't think you are scoring 4 on any given night let alone 7.

Number Four is 26

Possibly becoming the greatest pick up in a long time, Mikael Samuelsson is ON FIRE! There really no other way to say it. With a current 5 game goal streak and 18 goals in his last 28 games heading into tonight's match up with Ottawa Senators vs Canucks coverage, Samuelsson is showing why Vancouver jumped to get him in the off season and why Team Sweden was silly for snubbing him. Sweden goal challenged in the 2010 Winter Olympics could have used what has become a sudden sniper in Mikael. His experience in the playoffs with the Detroit Red Wings will show through this year and could be a real difference maker.

Number Five is 3

All things 3. The third Seeded Canucks are averaging over 3 goals per game 3.28 to be more precise up .28 a game from last years number. Goals are coming from everywhere this year too. Not just the usual suspects Career highs for many players in many offensive categories. Realistic chance for having 3 thirty goal scorers this year up from 1 last year and that one player Daniel Sedin would likely have 30 as well if not for the broken foot. We can extend this further with the number of 20 goal scorers this year adding the likes of Ryan Kesler, Mason Raymond into the mix. This leads me to the 3 lines deep of solid scoring Vancouver possesses. this scoring has lead to the 10 comebacks in the 3rd period they have accomplished this season. The ability to score three deep takes a load off everyone.

So what does all this mean??

Another Division title? For sure

Playoff success? TBD but all signs point to a deeper more experienced and far more hungry and confident team. This should equal more success.

What do you think?

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