Evaluation of Team Canada

I want to get these thoughts out while they're still fresh in my head.

It is kind of pointless to criticize and evaluate the team since they won Gold but I'm bored and can't fall asleep yet.


Bergeron - Started out on a line with Crosby but ended up being the 13th man.  Was utilized mostly as a PKer and in defensive situations, and did pretty well IMO.

Crosby - Was consistently solid every game, although it might not have showed up on the score sheet sometimes.  And of course he scored the most important goal.

Getzlaf - Started off slow in the round robin but caught fire in the elimination games.  When he was 'on', he was nearly impossible to stop.

Heatley - Was great in the round robin but that Sharks line didn't do too much after that.

Iginla - Like linemate Crosby he was pretty consistent despite somewhat limited minutes.

Marleau - Same as Heatley.  Did score a big goal against the Slovaks.

Morrow - Played limited minutes (averaging 11 minutes a game) but I thought he was awesome.  He helped establish their physical game by not missing a single check and got promoted to the Getzlaf/Perry line.

Nash - I thought he was the most consistent of all forwards.  He utilized his size very well, chipped in with some offense, and played a 2-way game; the complete package.  It's a shame he's stuck with the BJs.

Perry - Same as Getzlaf as they're practically attached at the hip, but I thought he could've been more physical like Getzlaf.  He always seems to be in the right place as indicated by the goals he scored.

Richards - Was put in the same role as Morrow and was even better IMO.  Great physical presence as well as chipping in offensively.

Staal - Another consistent, total package forward like Nash.

Thornton - Probably the most disappointing forward considering all the skill he has.  I felt like his line ended up being the 4th line by the end of the tourney.

Toews - I think he was penciled in as the 12/13th forward and rose up in the ranks to top 9 for sure.  Did everything asked of him and scored a massive goal in the Gold medal game.  Surprisingly led the team in points to capture the Best Forward Award.


Boyle - He was solid all-around; moved the puck very well and was an offensive threat as he tied for the team lead in points for a D-man.

Doughty - Man, what a stud this kid is-- he does everything so well and he's only 20!  There were some moments where he made some risky plays with the puck (i.e. spin-a-ramas at the point) but they rarely backfired.

Keith - Logged the most minutes, averaging almost 21 minutes a game.  Like his D partner Doughty, he does everything so well.  Seeing them two together was quite a treat.

Niedermayer - Looked old in the round robin but got better as the tourney went on.  Averaged 20 minutes a game as a calming presence on the back end.

Pronger - Same as Nieds, he got better as the tourney progressed.

Seabrook - Was the 7th D-man and did fine all things considering.

Weber - Another stud on the back end, probably my fave D-man on the team.  Logged big minutes, hit everybody, and blasted a ton of shots.  My only quip is that blown defensive coverage on the Parise goal in the Gold medal game.  Like Nash, it's a shame he's playing in a weak hockey market.


Brodeur - He was good against the Swiss (especially the shootout) but obviously blew it against USA.  Definitely didn't seem like his usual self.

Luongo - Stepped in after Marty struggled and performed very well (5-0, 1.76GAA, 0.927SV%).  I thought he did look a bit shaky sometimes and gave up only 2-3 bad goals in my mind.  But he made some huge saves (i.e. on Demitra in the semi-finals) more often than not.


I thought the forward collection was great and have no real problem with anyone chosen or left off.  They went with size, youth, and grit which yielded a very physical and fast style of play.  I think a lot of people had a problem with Seabrook making the team over Mike Green but I honestly don't think Green would've made much of a difference as they had a whole group of guys who can do the same things.  The defensive corps was a good mixture of speed, size, and puck moving ability, but I didn't feel they were that strong defensively as evident by some gaffes.  The coaching staff was amazing as Babcock and co. got the team to play a complete 2-way, puck possession/pursuit game.  By the end of the tournament, it really felt like a team that had played together for years.


Feel free to comment, add your own insight, etc.

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