Jannik Hansen Needs Love

Interesting fact about the forwards: Henrik Sedin, Alex Burrows, Mikael Samuelsson, Mason Raymond are all on pace to set (or have already shattered) pervious highs in goals, assists, and points. Daniel Sedin and Ryan Kesler are both on pace to set new career highs in points, while Kesler has already topped his pervious high in assists.

That's Right, all six top 6 forwards are on pace to set new career highs in points. Don't think we need to worry too much about them.


The "Third" line made up of Pudge and Steve "Hands Of Stone" Bernier has been, disappointing, to say the least. (Demo excluded here for obvious reasons) Amazingly, Bernier is on pace to match his "production" of last year (32 Points) while Pudge is on pace for 23 points after finishing last year with 27. Despite what the numbers say, I don't think too many Canucks fans have been happy with the play of Pudge and Bernier so far this year.

Which brings me to my main point: What does Jannik Hansen have to do to crack the line up? Even with the ridiculous amount of injuries suffered by Canuck forwards this year, Hansen has only managed to play in 24 of 56 games. So far, we've seen a handful of guys get the call before Hansen including:

Shirokov (remember him?)

Matt Pettinger (wtf?)

Michael Grabner (no problem here)

Alexandre Bolduc (again, wtf?)

Tanner Glass (I like the dude actually)

While Hordichuk, Pudge, Bernier all seem to be ahead of Hansen on the depth chart.

I just don't get it. Hansen has way more upside than any of the guys mentioned above except maybe Grabner and Bernier (ya, I know it sounds ironic, Bernier with "upside") is a more established NHL player than everyone except Pudge and Bernier, yet he continues to ride the pine. Hansen has decent offensive skills, is a good skater, good PKer, and seems to be a great team guy, I really can't understand why AV can't find room for Hansen on the third or fourth line.

Id like to see Hansen get a try on the third line while one of Pudge or Bernier sits out because quite frankly neither of them has deserved third line ice time this season. At the very least, throw Hansen on the fourth line in place of Blackout, who I really dont think this team needs anymore. What's the point of having Blackout play 3 minutes a game and MAYBE get in a fight when we got the Ripper to do that kidna stuff and he's clearly a better overall player?

Thoughts guys?

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