Open Olympic Thread Day 14 - CAN I HEAR A WOOT WOOT!


What a huge day for Canada yesterday.  First, Clara Hughes finishes her Olympic career by winning a bronze in the ladies' 5000m long track speed skating.  Then, Canada destroys Russia 7-3 in an awesome quarterfinals game for men's hockey.  Then, when everyone thought the day was over, it wasn't even close.  During the 3rd period of the hockey game, Canada's ladies (Kalyna Roberge, Jessica Gregg, Tanya Vicent and Marianne St. Gelais) get a silver medal in the ladies' 3000m short track speed skating relay.  And after all that, the biggest story of all: Kaillie Humphries and Heather Moyse get gold while Helen Upperton and Shelley-Ann Brown get silver as Canada doubles up on the podium for bobsleigh!!  Allow me to indulge for a minute and drink my sweet podium-flavoured Kool-Aid:


Thank you.

Although there isn't as many events today, they are pretty much all of relevance.  The final matches for the women's hockey play out to determine who's winning medals, with Canada facing USA for gold and Finland facing Sweden for bronze.  There is also semifinals for men's and women's curling, as Cheryl Bernard's rink takes on Switzerland and Kevin Martin's rink takes on Sweden.  There are also medal events for figure skating, aerials, slalom, cross-country and nordic combined.  Schedule below, check out and as always for tons of Canadian coverage.

9:00 Women's Curling: Semifinals - Canada vs Switzerland, China vs Sweden (sorry boys, no more hot Danes or Russians :P )

9:30 Alpine Skiing: Ladies' Giant Slalom 2nd Run (medal event)

10:00 Nordic Combined: Individual LH/10km CC - Competition Round

11:00 Cross-Country Skiing: Ladies 4X5km Relay Classic/Free (medal event)

11:00 Women's Hockey: Bronze Medal Match - Sweden vs Finland

13:00 Nordic Combined: Individual LH/10km CC - 10km (medal event)

14:00 Men's Curling: Semifinals - Norway vs Switzerland, Canada vs Sweden

15:30 Women's Hockey: Gold Medal Match - Canada vs USA (medal event)

17:00 Figure Skating: Ladies' Free Skate (medal event)

18:00 Freestyle Skiing: Men's Aerials Finals (medal event)


Canadian Athletes to Watch For:



-Both curling teams are playing in the semifinals today, trying to earn spots in the gold-medal matches that will play out on Friday (women) and Saturday (men).

-The women's hockey team, of course, as they go for their 3rd straight Olympic gold.  It's also a rematch of the 2002 gold-medal match, which originally sky-rocketed their popularity this last decade.

-Joannie Rochette is currently sitting in 3rd place after the short program for the ladies' figure skating.  She is currently 2.42 points off of 2nd place and 7.14 points off of 1st place, but she has a 6.6 point lead on 4th.

-Dasha Gaiazova, Chandra Crawford, Perianne Jones and Madeleine Williams will form the relay team for the cross-country skiing.

-Kyle Nissen, Steve Omischl, and and Warren Shouldice are among the 12 finalists for the men's aerials.  All 3 are currently in the top 10 on the world circuit, and hope to get their first Olympic medal.


Here's your thread.  Let's have some more fun, I like it :)

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