Open Olympic Thread Day 10 - Me Like Hockey :P



Okay, so yesterday was a rather disappointing day in Canada.  All our medal hopefuls missed the podium.  Seriously, even the Hamelin brothers came in 4th and 5th in their 5-person final.  I already made it obvious that it annoys me when we miss the podium so often, so yesterday just reinforces that feeling.

Today is a very exciting day: the 3 best hockey games of the preliminary round happen today :)  There is also lots of curling, a couple biathlons, some alpine skiing, and medal events for bobsleigh and speed skating.  Check out and for tons of Canadian coverage.  Schedule after the jump.

9:00 Women's Curling (4 games, including Canada vs USA)

11:00 Biathlon Men's 15km Mass Start (medal event)

12:00 Men's Hockey Russia vs Czech Republic

12:15 Alpine Skiing Men's Super-Combined Slalom (medal event)

13:00 Biathlon Women's 12.5km Mass Start (medal event)

13:18 Freestyle Skiing Men's Ski Cross Finals (medal event)

14:00 Men's Curling (4 games, including Canada vs Switzerland)

15:00 Ladies Speed Skating 1500m (medal event)

16:15 Figure Skating - Original Dance

16:40 Men's Hockey Canada vs USA (I'll be on a Greyhound bus during the game, so I'll say it now: GO CANADA GO!!)

17:20 Two-Man Bobsleigh Heat 4 (medal event)

19:00 Women's Curling (3 games, including Canada vs China)

21:00 Men's Hockey Sweden vs Finland


Sorry about skipping out on lots of the preliminary events and the curling match-ups, but I just rushed to get this up at 10:30am.  As I said above, you can find more stuff at the CTVOlympics and Van2010 websites.  Here's your thread, Sean will most likely have a hockey thread up later.


*If anyone is ever interested in putting up one of these threads, put a comment in one of the threads before saying which day you want to do it.  I'll be checking each night at 9:00 PST to see if anyone has called dibs on the next day, and if no one has I'll do it.

**Sorry, eightyseven, I know you said you would put up today's thread, but it wasn't up yet at 10:30am, and I'm a little bit of a perfectionist when it comes to putting things up at the right time to cover all the events.....

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